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“Black Comedy” is a riotous, farcical play by legendary playwright Peter Shaffer

At the start of the play, all the audience sees is darkness, but it soon becomes apparent that when the characters see light, then we see darkness and vice versa. This creates a very comic aspect to the play; when the light goes out on the actors on stage, we are the only ones left that can see what is actually going on. This immaculate concept of reverse lighting was an element of the play that is extremely effective.

A young man and girlfriend wait anxiously for the arrival of her father and a potential buyer for his artwork. Suddenly the lights go out and they are pitched into black, total darkness.

There is stream of neighbours, visitors, old girlfriends and relatives with all the mix-ups that can and of course, do occur in darkness.

There is endless opportunity for crisp split-second dangerous business, as the young couple try to keep up their various deceits. It’s a smorgasbord of pratfalls and physical comedy.

The play is genuinely funny, rip-roaring in fact.

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