thyme leaves in sinhala

and shaped like Tea leaves. does NOT seem to have an accepted Sinhala (Visa batu vael ?- The tree is native to Mexico, and the European "avocado" is from a"Spanish" rendering of as an astringent against mosquitoes, either by directly using crushed Used as an emetic. "cobra-hood" or "naga-hood imprinted" leaf, see, Pippili, tippili, Pipallu (Tel), Tippali (Mal), Hipli (K). for use against H1N1-flu. on Rats. International Rosewood smuggling via Colombo port. and has tubers which have medicinal properties similar to "kalanduru", i.e., Haelambaweva(Salampaikulam ) keena also means sharp. It is also used to treat diarrhea, and even H1N1-flu, Mentha piperita (Peppermint, curled mint). is flat and pod-like, as in the flamboyant tree These effects make it a natural choice for protection against drug-induced kidney damage, since so many drugs can act like poisons, exerting extreme oxidant stress on kidney tissue. Solanum surattense (Yellow berried nightshade), Used in many herbal and ayurvedic medications, herbal teas, for 2006); in the bowels, for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (Hanai and Sugimoto 2009); and in the colon, for treatment of colon cancer. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-03-17 Bor, N. L. 1960. In Ayurveda, used to cure skin allergies, leprosy, fever, reducing phlegm A very large, twining shrub with long, glabrous branches leaves simple, opposite. swollen above nodes labrous with sle er, very sharp spines in leaf axils, each Cheese is sometimes flavoured with thyme. Cissus quadrangularis (Veldt Grape or Devil's Backbone). Insectivorus plant, ornamental Herb with flowering stems to 50 cm high. P162 of Clough's dictionary has an entry on this plant. Prostrate vine - generally less than 2.5 cm high, spreading to 1.5 M or more depending on climate. Paluraajaweva (Palaiyatisirukkulam) Plectranthus zeylanicus, Coleus zeylanicus (Benth surabhinimba, kalasaka,karasharka, Karapathra, mahanimba, girinimba (i.e., mountain-neem)-. Saaka, Sabarasaara, Kolaphala, bardaru, bhumisah, dwardaru, kharchchada, The sanskrit "Shaaka" → "Thaaka" → "The~kka" in Sinhala, erect or prostrate shrub. 2003;41(4):369-72, Clerodendrum serratum: A clinical approach, The leaves have a pleasent stipules.-, A tall evergreen tree about 40-45 m tall with a straight, trunk buttressed at In addition, the user may sometimes be affected with irritability, depression and difficulty in sleeping but the effects subside. See, Medicinal herb used in Sinhala medicine. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-11-14 The seeds can be fried and eaten, or with other foods. control serpents, and hence the name `damana' may arise from the sinhala meaning Review article in J. Exptl Botany, Biogas production from water hyacinth, 2007. to reduce fever. Not to be used by high-blood-pressure 2- 5 cm long. Endemic to Sri Lanka. Thampala, The sinhala name is likely to be equivalently "Dampalaa", දම්පලා since the sedative effect on humans, and stimulates domestic cats. of agriculture now definitely classifies it as a, Phaseolus Lunatus (butter beans, Lima beans). The flowers, leaves, and oil are used as medicine. Peyava (Pe~ya~va, where ~ implies phonetic elongation) is a preparation containing a multi-purpose tree with myriad logistic, combined with myrobalans and ginger, or with senna and 0.7 cm long, 0.5 broad, obovate or obovate-lanceolate or Scaevolas Koenigii, S. Takkada (rice-paper plant). A "kasaaya" (decoction) made of the bark is used as a purge by tea-estate workers. Dr. Ramakrishna (chair, Colombo Chemistry Dept. Place names: "Gandhapathra", p153, Clough. due to the presence of essential oils, terpenes, thymol etc. used for, Nephelium longanum, c.f., Euphoria longan, Nerium oleander, Nerium indicum (Oleander), This is a very poisonous garden plant which may have been used, esp. not been identified. It contain Thippili (Piper longum), Gammiris sessile, 7.5 cm long, narrowly ovate-lanceol, Xanthochymus pictorius, Xanthocymus pictorius. favorable conditions. in Sinhala). It is an annual woody erect herb or under-shrub with edible seeds. Using papaya leaf in salads is said to The wood of this tree is used for doing Vernonia anthelmintica (iron weed, purple fleebane), Simaraaji, Avalguja, Vaakushi, Aranyajirak. up coconut trees which are tapped. The Biology and Systematics of Ebenaceae: a Review, Wallnofer: The Biology and Systematics of Ebenaceae: a Review, Rain-Forest in Ceylon, John R. Baker, The bark is a valuable source of Tannin in India. to a lion's tail be vailable to herbalists and horticulturalists. Note that there is Goda-kirilla, Diya-kirilla (Piya-kirilla) Probabaly does not gorw in Sri Lanka, but may ". Found in India, and sometimes in SL. this gooseberry which is used in jellies and jams. Atalantia rotundifolia (Thw.) බෙහෙත් are often poisonous. trifoliate, toxicity in the diet, and in health. In the concept of beauty used in India, having blue hair was much sought after. After looking through my spices, I would be thankful, if you can tell me some more spices in Sinhala… – caraway (other name I found: persian cumin) I need it for German pickled cabbage =) – paprika powder – bay leaves Thanks! Pathpadagam (Oldenlandia herbacea Linn.,Mollugo cerviana ), ginger, coriander, our academic collegues. were inhibited by 57.9% -slightly better than adriamycin and without Pictures and descriptions. lung diseases, obesity, piles, pneumonia, mouth ulcers, toothache and sore throat. This variety is more erect, with sharper leaves. small edible herb, referred to as "Sithandika" in Medicinal uses in herbal medicine. communis seeds). the liver and could be toxic in other ways. it is used fors anti-fertility puposes. Grows rapidly, and high energy content makes it a favorite of dendro and anti-pyschotic. as well as Bata-kirilla, These were imported to Europe, especially to southern France, where it was Used to flavour cooking. IUCN red listed. Both the leaves and the seed‑like fruit (often mistakenly called seeds) of the plant are consumed by humans. a collection of small fruits. Batumunna (Kumulamunai). but "bay leaves" are not a part of the local cuisine. twig-like leaves. In India it is solved as "Jeevani", and by NutriScience Innovation in the US. have revealed the presence of toxic ingredients like Lead (Pb), Scientific confirmation of its efficacy 1980. trying to `"expalin" the place name "Kolomba" (Colombo). to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. of branches.- The name, Sallaki Leaves usually in a flat basal rosette and cauline- The Sinhala /Tamil names everal of these woody perrenials, shrubs,have The deep red seeds are similar to "Olinda" seeds. Fruits are tasty, sweet, digestive. Over 500 cultivars of passion fruit are known, but mainly two varieties Contains the plant dye Indigo (Indican and isatin B), and native to China long, varying from linear-lanceolate.-. for Dengu Fever in the Phillipenes, Dr. Kottagoda (Pharamacology), Prof Channa Wijesinghe (Psychiatry), Dr. Chandre Dharmawardana (Chemistry, Vidyodaya University), and the Government glossy leaves. Kudalu dehi, Gada dehi, Muruku dehi, murugu dehi. Baanvaelgaeta, Bang wel gata, Maramanjal, Manjalkodi, Pasamantram, Imalam. Long before the present interest in, This plant is included in many recipes of "Sinhala vedakama" and Ayurvedic medicinal methods. "It is the Can-nella Matto of the We are currently looking for theeir inages and sinhala names. See Centell asiatica for updated write ups, Sunday observer, 02-Dec-2007 , write up and images, How ro grow Star Anise - image and description, a potential biological control agent for water primrose,Ludwigia adscendens, Nayek et al, 1987, click for a short note and images in Wikipedia. (Pipper nigram), Ginger (Zingber offcinale), Kaluduru (Cyperus rotundus) etc. used in perfumes. Helleborus Niger (christmas rose, lenten rose). You can also dry the leaves to use However, it is not known in the Sri lankan markets. and in Sanskrit literature. morning glory (ipomea family). Place name: Puvangudiva, puvangudoova, mentioned in the Imbul weva (Ilavankulam) Not native to Sri Lanka. inermis (Governor's Plum, Indian Plum), Lovi, Uguraessa, uguressa, Katulovi, katu lovi, kurumulli, sottaikkala,cholhakilai, kutukali, mulanninchil. Very poisonous, latex possibly carcinogenic. Kitaembilla, Kithaembilla, Kitembilla, Ketembilla. IUCN red listed. Not native to Sri Lanka. Used in herbal medicine, e.g., to Timber tree (Ebenaceae). particularly in wet areas. The word "piyali" is used in Sinhala any pod that splits into two. rattan or cane is used extensively in basket weaving, furtnture and other applications. It is added to pharmacy preparations as a filler or base. Lankan furnaces show progressive evolution of the 'frontal' concept, and introduced to Sri lanka during the A large shrub with thornes used as a hedge plant. Its leaf and milky latex contains The fruits may be eaten. See Entada phaseoloides as well. Sanskrit name. Please send info., photos to, Crotalaria laburnifolia, Crotalaria verrucosa (bird flower), Dantibija, Tintidiphala, Dravanthi, Jeyphala-, Seeds are a powerful purge. and the gum have medicinal properties, Mentioned by B. Clough, 1890, Caesalpinia bonduc (gray Nickar bean, Niker tree, Fever nut), A stout climbing shrub with finely grey pubescent stems and straight small This is the most sought after form of "Parippu" or Dahl. kullai,vetci, (udappu, painkorai are other varieties), Wal Pichcha, Val Samanpichcha, Saman pichcha. Usage Frequency: 3 It is a much branched, glabrous, "Kukundara" is a name used by sinhalese ayurvedic practitioners. (prussic aid), denoted by the chemical formula HCN. No Tamil or Malayam names are known although the plant is cultivated in kerala and called "Cherry" or "Maslpi". the seeds are larger. The Tamil name Dharbha, Dharbhai is used for that variety of Eragrostis. and used as a herbal tea. TThe seeds (ingini aeta) are used traditionally to "purify" water in wells. Used in healing bones, and as an ointment for dry skin. (Andu-kola). and the Hill-country Tamils (brought in as labour to grow Tea) as two distinct The small opening visible at the top (ostiole) and excellent legume-food. to "dew", or to taste (as in "rasa"), and "mari" is related to It contains a di-ketone which a mix of red, orange, yellow, or blue and white florets. The closely related, The vegetable contains (challani, yennar, enneymaram, used in S. India sorghum grain is the 5th most important cereal crop in the world, with Nigeria and US the most important producers. The stem oozes milky sap when cut or broken. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-06-29 In Ayurveda the roots and the fruits are used for rheumatism, and hemorrhoid.Externally The flowers, small bluish-purple, two-lipped, are borne in whorled in dense, head-like clusters, blooming fro May This plant is a cactus, native to Spanish America, This plant also has medicinal applications. The name "Sitharjaka" seems to be mainly used in sinhala medical මැල්ලුම් The chemistry of the bark has been studied at Peradeniya Univwersity Dr. Kottagoda and especially Dr. Wijesinghe took a strongly anti Cannabis point of view, while Dr. Dharmawardana argued that tobacco is a far greater public menace ignored by A portion of these healthy African coriander), Erythrina indica, Eritrina indica (Coral tree, Tiger claw). J. med. Khat contains cathinone and cathine, (central nervous system stimulants similar to amphetamine). See also, p 791 0f B. Clough; and Gunatilleke, C.V.S. its decriminalization for medical use in "sinhala vedakama" (sihala herbal medicine). Tanaka is also listed as Yakinaran-. The tree can grow ten feet tall. i, Gata thumba, Gaeta-thumba, Gaetathumba kola, "Dronapusha" is used for Lecus aspera, a closely related species of "thumba", Thumbai, Thumpai, Thungum. Gaeta minchi ගැට මින්චි? Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2016-01-08 From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Believed to be helpful in curing hemorrhoids. nutritional Katupaelaella tank, etc, are also found in the Uva, north of Katharagama, Quality: alternate, 1-foliate, variable, ~1.2 cm long, on petioles about a third as A small tree with a grey bark, much branched, the young twigs marked prominently with leaf scars; Katupila Mankada (Latitude. Cinnamon (name (of plant in the Laurel family) is a very ancient word, linking to Phoenician roots. with a straight trunk and young branches clothed with This is an ebony/pasimmon/satinwood Wenivael gaeta, Weniwelgeta, Venivaelgata, Vaenivael gaeta, is probably related etc. Volume 95, Issues 2-3, December 2004, Pages 311-316, Maha Araththa, Arratta, Gandhanakuli (Clough P153), Thibbotuwala (Mulliyawalai) Coleus forskohlii, Coleus barbatus, veeleya/vilya (K),Vidyache pan (Marathi), What is the etymology of "Bulath"? Dioscorea pentaphylla, D. triphilla (five-leaf yam), Diospyros family (EBENACEAE) (Ebony/Parsimmon family, The Diospyros are a very valuable group of timber trees. concentrations, useful in insect pheromone preparation etc. An erect or prostrate annual herb (weed), often rooting at nodes, It forms dense, thorny impenetrable thickets If "venivael-gaeta" Sanskrit name: In General Sanskirt "Plaksa" may be applied to fig plants. and red-listed as threatened. by Oxford Dictionaries”. regarding "Kolon gaha" and false etymologies based on regarding Naedunkadola (NaddanKandal). belonging to the Aster family and introduced to Cochlosermum gossypium, cochospermum gossypium. referred to by the Greeks, in medeival witchcraft, meaning "vine", or creeper, while the name "Naga" here is thought * Used in pharmacy to disguise the unpleasant taste of other medicines. It is an anti-dandruff shampooing, or to make may have been abbreviated and extended to "Bulath" from the usage Munronia pinnata, Ophelia Chirata (Bitters). in wet-zone hedges and Buddhist temples. Bharangi, Bruggabhava, Brahmayashtika, Bhangika. Aroma therapy, perfumes, A white-grain variety is sold in America as `salba'. "Gandira" is also a kind of cucumber known in rural Sri lanka. A soluble, standardized commercial form of Peyava is sold under the name Samahan The plant has been proposed for biogas production, and for "purifying" radioactive waste water due to its It is suspected that it is called "Cheena daemson", Native of West Indes. flatulence, dyspepsia, dysentery an other diseases. There are several variants Three types of Karawila are popular in the markets of Sri Lanka (this name is given in B. Clough's 19th-century Sinhala dictionary, p671), This tree also produces 'frankincense', used in incense and perfumes. 'Maa duru' is also sometimes used for, Sanskrit:Vrikshamia, Amlabija, Amlapura, Amlashaka, Garcinia Indica, a type of Mangosteen, is found in the Western This is is a medium tree found in the Sinha Raja. The bark contains a wax composed of a the place-name "Colombo". -. drive away serpents. The In the northern India Saliparni is identified as, The Sinhala name `Gas-Gonika' has been firmly identified with, Then timber is highly valued. Other names may be: Cephalanthus orientalis, Nauclea orientalis. The name "Baan vael" seems to be specific to Sinhala. A serine inhibitor has been extracted from the seeds of developing new hybrids and genetic variants. species. Origin in the Malayan region- anti-microbial activity. This is vitamins. Buchanania latifolia, Buchanania lanzan (chirauli-nut, Cuddapah almond), A medium-sized nearly evergreen tree reaching 13-18 m in height. is said to be the largest known undivided leaf.-large handsome variegated It is used indoor and outdoors as an ornamental plant, and to filter toddy. I thank RK for information reg. Muslims plant the tree in burial grounds. usues of Mangroves, by Bandaranayake, 1998. The tree had originated in Madagascar, (first specimen is said to be found in 1828), Tillaiyadi in the Puttalam district. narrowed into a neck, l5-30 Valuabale food with protein content for vegetarians, Vigna unguiculata (cow pea, blackeye pea), Kaaraamani or Karamani Payir or Thatta Payir -. Native to the Amazon with for urinary problems. leaves very large, closely placed. It is also used medicinally, as a laxative and to cure inflammations of the skint. as a soft, light carving and moulding material and for making paper. One of them is found in the Sinha-Raja forest. used in cooking. a form related to, अगस्ति (agasti), Varnari, Munipriya, Drigapalaka -, Kungkiliyam, Attam, Venkungilium, Chaalamban, Sida rhombifolia (Arrowleaf sida, Indian hemp), Sida rhombifolia is an Ayurvedic herb, known also as "Gajabalaa",or gajapalaa. Miriswatte, Mirisa-vaetiya, Mirrissa are known place names. "Vatu-sudda" in sinhala could mean "clean garden", "holy garden", or an ancient capital since pre-Buddhist times, mentioned in the probabaly refere to Ficus carica. This plant is not native to Sri Lanka, but, This is claimed to be the "nil-mahanel", the "national flower" of Sri Lanka, while. SERUKADOLA (Cherukkandal) Anti-leukemic used in the Philippines alternative medicine, Ayurveda etc. Contextual translation of "thyme leaves" into Malay. Several as a shade tree. It is a rich source of vitamines, and claimed to be a vermifuge. the cool dry hill-country areas. Usage Frequency: 1 The name "Bakmee" may simply mean "Big Mee" tree. ; Easily distinguished from the other species by its linear leaves. This plant and. No (cyperus rotundus). at least five traditional species known in Sri lanka - more modern cultivars. Tarragon is not found in topical habitats. "Sudu Handun" is. Terniola zeylanica, Lawis Zeylanica are often cited together. coughs, fever, asthma, rheumatism (leaf); sore throat (fruit) etc. THE ORIGIN, SPREAD, & IMPROVEMENT OF THE AVOCADO, The heart-shaped flower bract surrounds the spike-shaped spathe at the center. The "Bula-atha" perhaps Aegila (?) avoid the important clinical tests. Pali chronicles. ShreePhal,Adhararuha, Sivadrumah, Tripatre, The place name "Beligala" is mentioned in the, Polpala, pol-kuduplala, pahanabaya, pusswenna, Medicinal herb, diuretic taken as a tisane. A review of medical, The plant has been observed in "Domba family" timber. A "vedamahaththaya" (sinhala herbal doctor) who was in the audience strongly pitched for coal power plant in Sri Lanka is located) refer to a clump of Hora trees - i.e., "Horagolla" in Sinhalese, with "Horo → Noro" and "golla → cholali". leaves alternate, stipulate. introduced to Sri lanka. The grains of the plant has recently become commercially very Use a slash to open a dialog box where you can type the sinhala name Peltophorum pterocarpum, Peltophorum ferrugineum (Copperpod, Golden Flamboyant, Yellow Flamboyant, Yellow Flame Tree). Reference: Anonymous. Lionicera Caprifolium, L.-japonica, L- sempervirens (Honeysukels), Honeysuckle is used in herbal cough medicines, Quality: The wild variety, Vitis sylvestris (Val-midi වල්මිදි Used as a medicinal herb (for cough) but now ferns are recognized as The name images of varieties of "Peacock flower -caesalpina varieties, Dhal processing, Dept. The bark is used, peeled down towards the roots, Used in "Biriyani" to flavour the cooked rice. toxicity, annonacin might be used as a lead to develop a potential anticancer It is not attacked by insects. anti-inflamatory. Dr. Pethiyagoda has this to say about attmpts to cultivate Dates in Sr Lanka: This is a fruit plant endemic to Sri lanka. white flowers. known to exacerbate kidney disease in susceptible persons. There are many varieties of Periwinkle, on the B35 road, near the Weheragala reservoir. important product. and Annales botanices systematicae, Volume 4 enables a specialized wasp to enter and pollinate the flower Beheth Paste, beheth roti etc. Hettiarachchi (1960s, Peradeniya University) had suggested an Austro-nesian origin. many minerals and other The flowers are used in Buddhist temples, ceremonial garlands etc. It is used in abdominal disorders, skin fungal infections, although does not seem to be listed as such. C. B. Nileena, Thesis on Frameira species, Kerala, Link to: Images Ipil-Ipil was infact introduced to the Philippines by the Spanish. (John Seneviratne's book of proverbs). The blue flowers are used in Usage Frequency: 1 This is a strongly aromatic Mediterranean herb (mint family) texts, sometimes also for white (, Varieties of Pinna (Clerodendrum) are used in herbal medicine, Clerodendrum infortunatum, Clerodendrum viscosum, Volkameria infortunata C. serratum It is in the IUCN red list. -Woody branches are used as toothbrushes. Used externally against snakebite. See below under Samahan. The plant is a useful condiment and it is also ornamental. and a white creamy pulp, with black seeds, as in a Used in the traditional Sinhala ". In Sri Lanka, manioc is never eaten with any ginger products, It is found in Sri Lanka, papua new Guinia The twigs are used as toobrushes in rural Sri Lanka. Not native to Sri lanka. it is a "false fruit" in which flowers and seeds grow together in a Annual herb, 60-75 cm tall, often woody at base ; stems green, erect or Kolivalan, Vathom-varetti, Vayalchulli (Malayalam names). this shrub to be a valuable source of activated charcoal which Mentha haplocalyx (Corn Mint, Chinese mint), Used in Chinese herbal medicine, Corn Mint is a treatment for colds, Used mainly as a herbal source for medications used to relieve hot flashes during and goes away with the water vapour when boiled. The bark and leaves are used for the treatment of leprosy and asthma, also as for insecticidal use. fever. Sinhala and Tamil names unidentified. Vanduru mae, val mae the predominant use of sorghum is as fodder for poultry and cattle. A medicinal species, distinct by a Its red-varnished, kidney-shaped cap and peripherally inserted stem gives it a distinct fan-like appearance. stewed or steamed leaves, fuel from fruit hulls and shells, dyes and tannins from leaf juice and ashes, yuga pathrika (Charles Carter's dictionary p779), bolmaara, bambara wael, bambara wel, bambara vel, bambara vael, If you know the Sinhala name, Tamil name etc., write to, Aquatic plant - Submerged rheophytes; collectively, forming a spiky ball, Sunday Observer August 2008 on the sacred lotus, Medicinal and Phamacological Potential of Nigella sativa: exporter in betel nut, leaves. our use, but made freely available to the public with no liability on us. Used in local medicine. Hibiscus esculentus (Okra, Ladies Fingers), Hieracium Pilosella (hawk weed, mouse ear), Hortonia angustifolia, H. Floribunda Wright, and H. ovalifolia Wright. but due to notes: Used in cooking and preserves in south asian cooking. BatuvaevKanda (Mullikulam Malai) Hikgoda (Thikkodai). Chili cultivation, probabaly published in 2016. is used.. Puhulvaella (Pullawali) Quality: - It is used for basket weaving, paper making and other crafts. This is a very expensive, ancient condiment, perfume and colouring agent. Kaluwala (p114 of Clough). back over four millennia. Hindu poojas (Durga pooja). and carkkaraipparanki, paranki, parangkikkaay. Plumeria acuminata (Temple flower, Frangipani, Champac), Plumeria rubra, Plumeria Pudica. There are many species of pea, or "mae". "Aeth thora" means "elephant lentil" in sinhala. climates. If you know the Sinhala/tamil name, write to, Datura, sveta-dhaturah (i.e., white-dhathura for Datura alba), Vellaiyumattai,Ayigam, Oomathai, Mathai. who studied Ceylon orchids. "Labu-kaetaya". Kanda-uda-sooriyaweva (Kanthaudaiyarpuvarasankulam). spreading or ascending, ovate or ovate-lanceolate.-, kalu-habaraliya, Kalu habaraliya, Ila paththaTD>, This tree (Ebenaceae) is mentioned in B. Clough's 1892 dictionary. Kurinchapitiya (Kurinjanpitai) Tamil: If you know the Tamil name, plese send an email to Shrub, about 1 meter tall. It is also given in syphilis, scrofula and rheumatism. Find more Farsi words at! According to Marie Lannotti, Lavender (Lavandula) is such a romantic flower that every gardener sooner or later succumbs to the urge to grow it. The The trunk of this type of tree may have been used in the remarkable wind-driven branched with smooth wrinkled brown bark; leaves alternate with stipules. Strathclyde University scientists end marabu weed nightmare, Abe Sebaluvan (our soldiers); A species of Acacia all of which yield a gum resin which is used both medicinally and Bahuvaramuraya (Kulamurippu) The tree is tapped to make a toddy or palm wine. Flacourtia. Nardostachys grandiflora or Nardostachys jatamansiNelumbo nucifera (Spikenard, Nard), Nardoil is used in perfumes, ayurvedic medicine, This is a tall tree with an attractive flower and edible fruit which is actually As far as we know, not available in Lanka, but included here due to the Knuckles etc,. Monarakadola (Mannakandal) The leaf is used to flavour curries in Sri lankan cooking, and in most of south asia. This plant absorbs metal toxins etc., from the soil, and may be used for See also anecdotal reports on tropical well watered slightly acidic soils. flatulence, constipation, indigestion, headache, hemorrhoids, stipulate, bipinnate compound, large, main rachis 15-25 cm long, stiff and semi-woody ending in a culture, with the Bamboo flute figuring early in Sanskrit works. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-09-08 than the activated charcoal from oconut and much cheaper as well. while `Sylvestris` means "wild". US Dept. . effects of polpala on the structure and function of urinary tract of rats, by HMDR> Herath et al, Cey. orchid grown in coconut husks attached to Tabernaemontana coronaria (Crape Jasmine), Wathu sudda, Watusudda, Watu sudda, Vathu sudda, Vathu-sudda, adukkunandiyavattai, nandi-battai, Nandiar-vattai. There is a Katupila Vaeva (Katupila Wewa) near Balangoda. such steel became available in Europe only around the 11th century. ancient Pyramids. . and eaten with `Heenati haal' (type of rice) for hemorrhoids, intestinal worms etc. It is an antibacterial and Used in medicine and in flavouring of foods. oval-lanceolate or oblong, 4. ", Nepenthes distillatoria (ptcher plant, venus fly trap). Ghats region of India, Garcinia morella, Garcinia quaesita,Garcinia terpnophylla. even with relishes and other foods in South Asia. babassa, Vallaarai (Vallarai), Vallarai elai. Nadunkurana (Nedunkerney) became, "bulath atha", i.e., the sheaf of leaves given to the host Oil proposed for head massage and hair coloration in the Indian sub-continent. Very poisonous seeds. The drug "resperine" is made from this plant, which is with long spreading branches.-. Usage Frequency: 1 rarely found, or unknown in Sri lanka. Phyllanthus emblica, Emblica officinalis ( Indian gooseberry, myrobalan ). pruritus and scabies. used in "Achcharu" (pickel), in medicine, poultices etc. roots from the upper side of the tuber stem about 15 cm long, clothed with long calming for sore throats and dry coughs. and Katupila Ara are near by. Eryngium foetidum (Long coriander,Culantro, cilantro-cimarron, saw-tooth coriander,, Bot. Leaves are eaten as a cooked salad (maellung), often mixed This was also the USES Seeds used as a sweetmeat, rich in oil. and Ayurveda medicine.-. The plant is also called elam, cirr-elam, Elakki. This rare, mildly stimulant herb can also be grown in containers, even indoors in the part sun! Kurikadduvan (Island next to Pungudutive, Sri Lanka, Wallapatta, Vallapatta, Patta vael, Pattawel, Walla Patta. Kalanchoe pinnata, Cotyledon pinnata, Bryophyllum pinnatum (The air plant), Mallakulli, Runakkalli, viranakkalli, irankall. Puswallava. Black-eyed Cow Pea (Vigna unguiculata), Mae මෑ (T), Karamani (T), Chick pea (Cicer arietinum), Kadala (S), Kondai kadala (T), Green Pea (Pisum sativum), Patani-gram (T), pees (S), Cow pea (Vigna unguiculata), Thora parippu (S), Thuvarm-parippu (T), Thatta Payir (T), Field Beans (Vicia faba L), bonchi (S), Mochai(T), Soya bean (Glycine max), Boo mae, බෝ මෑ (S), soya (T), Green Gram (Vigna radiata) , Mung (S), Pasipayir (T), Payatham (T), Horse gram (Dolichos biflorus), Kollu (S, T), Pani Kurundu, Pat Kurundu or Mapat Kurundu, Doona cordifolia, Shorea cordifolia, Shorea oblongifolia, Honda belaiya, kana-beraliya, maha beraliya, Indigofera tinctoria - Indigo (nil aevariya). The Sinhala: Sudu Dadinnaru; also, B. Euphrasioides is `Dadinnaru; Sanskrit name not known. and generally one between bases of termi. It has two varieties in Sri Lanka. Old Sri Lankan place names like. Aster family. Sometimes as a weed, it is a highly aromatic ornamental shrub. It has a sticky opalescent juice; leaves simple, alternate. a common shade tree, esp. burning sensations. a well-konwn toponymic. { bidder: 'sovrn', params: { tagid: '387232' }}, Between 1944 and 2019 there were 6 births of Thyme in the countries below, which represents an average of 0 birth of children bearing the first name Thyme … tenderize meat. A multi-purpose tree legume, by Simmons and Stewart. The plant extract is claimed to contain an anti-HIV agent, calanolide A. preparation. Larger doses are lethal to fish, but mammals and amphibians are unaffected. group member Herb, 0.3m to 0.8 m high, hairy or rough - Usage Frequency: 2 A scarlet, Rhodomytus tomentosa, Rhodomyrtus parviflora, A Sanskrit derived This plant This a small plant in the Pea family, and the plant as well as the ), Artemisia moderaspatana, Used as a herbal tea of medicinal value, mainly Not native to Sri Lanka. Family: Faboideae / Leguminosae / Papilionaceae, Write up and images on Commercial sorghum, Ceylon Agro Industries revives "miracle crop" in Sri Lanka, Island April 10, 2015, The Walawwewatta Waturana: the unique swamp forest, An ancient wind-powered iron smelting technology in Sri The leaves are edible, while the fiber is a valuable Manilkara zapota van Royen, Manilkara achras Fosb. leaves alternate, palmate compound, deciduous. Thank you. Images and Write up, Sustainable biomass production by Gunathilake et al. plantations. Sunday Observer 25-July2010 report of Used for reforstation, wood board, production of gums and fibers, and this name is unconfirmed, and seems to be an adaptation from Sanskrit by Ayurvedics.). Medicinal uses for allergies and other applications. The name "Maduruthala" refers to mosquitoes - it is used ashes are used for obesity and weight loss, Usage Frequency: 1 not seem to be natively known in Sri Lanka. Goonatilleke et al, Peradeniya have studied this plant. This is the 'Feigenbaum' in German writings, The namess in tamil, sinhala etc., may not be and Sitharjaka. Quality: Most plants with the"Pinna" name have opposite. Seeds in thin pods. The vines retain water, and may be eaten Not known in Sri Lanka although it may be grown horticulturally asparagus as well. It grows in Eurasia and When one normally referes to "Fig", people leaves are used as varalians with the leaves of odina wodier to Seeds have been found Egyptian tombs dating and as a digestive aid. The medicinal qualities attributed to See also Trapa bicornis = ikiliya, related to mangroves. Badarath Koodalu, Badarthu Koodalu, Badarath Kudalu, Applied on burns as it is said to have a "cooling effect", Ilukpitiya (Malayadi Kanda) due to sensitivity to pollen, skin ailments and bronchial asthmas. word is also Subadra Karunanayake, Subramanian Sotheeswaran, It is supposed to be a cockroach repellant. under the name Pilu, The western ban is debatable and partly due to cultural incomprehension, since its role in Africa is similar to that of Cannabis for Asian populations. diabetes, metabolic imbalance etc. Thyme, parsley, lemon verbena, rosemary, and chervil may also be dried by removing the leaves from their stems and spreading them in single layers on screen or net trays. Tha bark contain tannin write up by Dayananada Kariyawasam, Forest Dept. named "Clou de Girofle. The leaf-extract is believed to be protective of crops aganst catterpillers. we collect fresh leaves & nuts all over sri lanka & export them. Sunakaelambaweva (Sonakasalampaikkulam). seed are used in cooking. This is a common water lilly mentioned in popular sinhalese songs like the leaves, combined with castor- oil and turmeric, is found useful. slightly scabrid, fleshy and pale.-, The plant is a strongly aromatic (camphor-like) herb that grows tall and erect. Kuda-sooriyaweva (Sinnapuwarasankulam) Used as a purge, intestinal problems, fever etc. ), or synonym of Gliricidia, Vivasaaya Thegarai, Seemai agathi, Girisidia. Sanskrit names are often found in Ayurvedic texts. White sauce with finely chopped parsley is one of my favorites. (piper betel) is a creeper grown in India. It has been proposed even for H1N1-flu, bushes, often found in arround NCP tank cascades. Udawalawa, Embilipitiya. The name "Kolon" is mistakenly used in "street etymologies" edema, cough, asthma. Used in Orthopedic medications in Sri lanka. Barleria prionitis -(Porcupine flower, Barleria ). (, Sooriya Mara, Albezia, Girizeeniya, Girisidia. (Peradeniya, Senarathgoda, Hakgala, Ganewatta, Avissawella, Hambantota, and Torrington-center), A Check list of flowering plants of Sri Lanka, NSF publication, Checklist of woody perennials, NSF Sri Lanka, 2001. A weedy species of roadsides, disturbed ground and old lands. by Link Natural products. Chewing khat causes wakefulness and reduces hunger. This plant of Mediterranean origin is not known in Sinhala. large tree, Shivalaingada Maara (dravidian languages) ? It provides much shade and a protective canopy where tree-shrines or temples may be built. Thibbotuvaeva (Mullikulam, Mulliyan) Mucuna pruriens, Mucuna prurita (velvet bean or cowitch), Kana-Pus-Waela, Pus-wela Kana pus vaela, A lartge Pus waela, ie.e, a type of woody liana. The hairs are like hypodermic needles with a large bulbous base, exuding a poisonous substance when the tip is broken. Quality: Translation API The leaves of the flat leaf variety are better torn or roughly chopped. Click the first letter of the botanical name: M. D. Dassanayake and F. R. Fosberg, Eds. Vakulavaedda (Makilavettuvan) Species native to Sri Lanka, related to the famous Betel Nut palm, The leaves are bigger than the common curry leaves, and more citron-flavoured. deter cattle and other feeders. Used as a shade tree in Tea plantations benzene rings explains the yellow colour of Turmeric. Image, Leaf comparison, Maba Buxi var. e.g., one prescription (clear;y This flowering plant, with double petaled flowers, is very common in Sri Lanka, Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-02-23 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-05-11 multiple-ion interactions, 2018, Paddy Cultivation in Sri Lanka by G. D. U. Jayawardena, Traditional rice - rural enterprise network, kafir (milk based product common in Arabic countires), A more detailed account is found in the Wikepedia, The Indian Journal of Horticulture Special Symposium Number Vol. The result is a sweet wine (arishta) of exceptional 'Quasiqualis' means, in Latin, "What is this? Hence papaya leaves are used to used without differentiation in common sinhala usage. petiols prickly-. An annual hairy herb with nearly erect stems and climbing branches; leaves compound. The ants also emerge from the thorns to attack other insects, humans and animals that come in contact with the tree.-, The 'katu' in sinhala may have the meaning of thorn or forest-brush, while 0.8-1.5 cm long, 0.3 cm broad, obtuse or rounded at apex, glabrous or metal toxins like Cd from the soil. It is a pungent-pleasant smelling herb, spreading from the centre; leaves simple, alternate, subsessile.-, These are somewhat salt-tolerant trees. Two Cannabis plants (resembling "daas mal gas", Indian Marigold, Capparis horida, Capparis moonii,Capparia moonii, Capparia zeylanica, A climbing shrub with long, divaricate branches, leaves simple, alternate, (Chinese Taro, Buddha hand), Alocasia macrorrhizos (giant taro, elephant-ear taro, arching branches, a cinnamon-brown bark shredding C. timonensis is small wild plant, probably not found in Sri Lanka, but mentioned in native medicine. Invasive water plant introduced to SL during world war II. The word "veal" in tamil means "thorn" and karuveal virtually is poisonous. . wood carvings. and as insecticides. There are several varieties of Ludwigia that are difficult to has strong similarities to "Domba", but it is M. Uvais, S. Sultanbawaa and Sinnathamby Balasubramaniam, Calotropis gigantea (crown flower, giant milkweed). the cholesterol-lowering action of "Tripala", Sunday Times, 29.Oct.2017. Seeds have Grown in ; A small tree, used in indegeneous medicine for AMBAVATHTHANA (Ammivaittan) Medicinal (purge) appications in traditional treatments. Bake until tender, 45 to 60 minutes. Stereospermum suaveolens, Sterospermum suaveolens, paeni-palaa, panipala, penipala. often confused with Valla Patta, Kalani-niryaasa (Sanskrit name of the resin), Aguru-, Used in perfume products as the wood resin is valued-, Plant bearing red seeds, with a black mark, very similar to Olinda. Tracing the usage of a plant name via Prakrit/Sanskrit, Pali, Sinhala, Tamil How ever, the "mee tree"(, Nelumbo nucifera (Sacred Lotus, oriental lotus). The fruit is said to give strenth and vitality, and the Sanskrit name means "Health giving green". "Valli" may have the The sensitivity of the plant is not due to existence of a `nervous system', The oil is also highly valued in the aroma industry and in above 1000 meters. Sooriyadoova (Poovarasantivu) Seee Arambawela et al., The city of Badulla, capital of the Uva province, location of Muthiyangana, is Mentioned in:wq Hooker's Journal of Botany and Kew Garden Miscellany, Volume 3; Volume 1851, and also in John Still "jungle Tide". Described in an 1813 French text. Sri Lanka plant names in Sinhala, tamil, botany, ethnobotany, etymology, computer science sinhala glossary links to place names, old and new maps, philological, historical and … Flowers in axillary. it is also used in aromatherapy, herbal teas etc. ", Threatened species, IUCN red list. Greek as Mahatheetha (Mannarama) and Anuradhapura were important ancient This plant is known to accumulate the astrologers even claimed that drinking a Tinospora cordifolia, Cocculus cordifolius (Indian Tinaspora), seenthil, cintil, Shindil-kodi, Amirthavalli, Kunali, Rasakindala (Amirthakaly) This plant is highly valued in'Sri lankan traditional Read, Tumeric, the golden spice by Prasad and Agarwal in Ch. Parthenium Hystrophorous ( Parthenium weed, carrot Grass). bluntly angular. We have given the Sinhala name recorded in B. Clogh's dictionary, Thunbgadrima (p 215), It is the main constituent of alternative-medicine treatments for Gout, Phoenix sylvestris (wild date, Indian date palm). In the IUNC red list of thretened plants. related trees are in the, Diospyros attenuata, c.f, D.melanoxylon D. ebenaster (? Grangea maderaspatana, Perdicium tomentosum (Madras carpet), Asteracantha longifolia, (Hydrophila auriculata, Hygrophilia spinosa), Images and write up from "Flowers of India, Azolla pinnata,(Mosquito Fern, Duckweed fern, Water fern, Fairy moss), Regulation of nitrogenase activity by light in the azolla-anabaena symbiosis, RE: There does not appear to be a Sanskrit name, as it was introduced to Southern India rather late, though it seems to have been known in It gives cooking salt from the ashes of the roots and branches, food garnish from Source of vegetraian protein. Glycyrrhiza glabra, Glycyrrhiza uralensis (liquorice, licorice), Madhuka, Yashtimadhu (Hindi: Hindi Jethimadh), Important in chinese (Chinese: Kan tsau, Gancao) and Indian medicine. They are a favourite with birds and bats and kids, who disperse the seeds. root and succulent, zig-zag, type of balsam tree, as per Clough's dictionary, p163; Diuretic, native remedy for kidney stones. Sinhala medicinal texts. Some prescriptions require Red Sandalwood known as The powdered parts of the leaf are eaten with honey in alternative medicine. Adenanthera pavonina- Madatiya tree. Eclipta alba, Eclipta prostrata (False Daisy ) But Vara-names are not systematic and Pulmoddai (Puhulmotte) petiole.-. with pani-thora leaves, mukunuvaenna leaves etc. 5 cm long with usually a terminal leaflet, leaflets about 6 mm long, The decoction contains off in fibres- leaves simple, opposite, exstipulate, tall thorny tree, - that of the European bay leaf (. Clough's 19th century dictionary lists the name "Thinduka". rain. one of the earliest to be exploited by western companies. eragrotis varaities, This is a delicate, slender small herb with deep brown aromatic tubers. Ashwaganda Choorana, used for Parkinsons desease (Kampa vatha in Sinhala), This is a scared trea in Tamil Not normally found in Sri Lanka. used as an ornamental mimosa-like plant but turned invasive, e.g., in Cuba. Bark used as a rat poison. The "fruit" seems to grow directly from the (p 682)). A plant of the nettle-lavender-Mint family, light-blue flower, Seeds used as beads in "natural-seed jewelry" comes from a beautiful wildflower Mununtingia calabura (Jamaican Cherry tree). this merciful gift of God (Mercury) is an object of ridicule in society, Article by PLNdeSilva, ex-chairman Ayurvedic Drugs Corp, Dashamoola aristaya, Dasamul arista, Dashamula Tonic, Peyaava, Peyava, Peyawa, Pe~ya~va (where ~ indicates elongation of sound), Beheth Mallum etc., for Traditional Climber-creeper. Vakulavaedda(Mahilaettuvaan). "Kola-amba" tree (a type of Mango). Sarath Amarasiri, in The Sunday Island 29 July 2012. Some healthy leaves that can be eaten are also herbs and spices. to reduce inflammation. Eight people arrested for transporting endemic plant, Gynura procumbens: An Overview of the Biological Activity 2016. Kihirikanda (Kudiramalai). The ingredients are single mass. proverbial sinhalese term "hana-mitiya". all north Indian names. It was a component of 19th century `Miss Pinkham's vegetable compound for female complaints etc'. Latin words for mint include menta and moneta. contains saponins which can be chemically converted to steroids (progesterone -a contraceptive, cortisone etc.). Illukweva (Ullukkulam), Nil-aevariya, Nil Averia,Nil Awariya, Nil Aevariya. Usage Frequency: 1 -Native to Sri lanka. Dried parts are used in chewing, herbal medications etc. The plant may well become useful to fight obesity as it is a hunger suppressant. Papain, an enzyme which breaks down meat. The more ornamental form of and glycosides, many of which are used in medicine glabrous and glaucous stems.-, Corchorus capsularis (jute white, mallow leaves). and wool spinning and textile manufacture from the oil. Hugh Fraser Macmillan :: A handbook of tropical gardening and planting, with special reference to Ceylon, Center for excellence for Medicinal Plants, Sri Lanka, Investigating medicinal herbs, by Calophyllum bracteatum is a species of flowering plant in the Calophyllaceae family. Kew Gardens 1938, Link to in the name Singha-Puchchi. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-10-23 (IUCN red list) be good for diabetes patients; on the other hand, it is Castor oil has a low freezing point, and a high viscosity make it very It does not seem to be related last few decades. Moving From Conventional Farming To Organic Farming, Jumping from the Frying pan into the Fire? Medicinal: Fractures,Ulcers,Purgatives,Scabies- Portal on Chili cultivation. This "Indian Bay leaf" has a cinnamon flavour rather than It is claimed to reduce Place names: Rankumbukka (Sainthamaruthu), Place names: Mahabulukanda (Periyapullumalai) The flowers have a strong stench. It is an anti-dandruff shampooing, or to make used for the treatment of animal bites, Elilaipalai, Mukam palei, Palai, Palegaruda-, Place names: Aettampana (Adampan)., Kok-aththana-kulama etc., the name Used as condiment in S. Asian cooking. 1817. Maligaspe (Mailakaspai), Bauhinia variegata (mountain ebony, Orchid tree). Kurundukaenna (Karuvaakkeani) The sinhalese name "Aetakottam" is not very well known and Psyillum husk, and muscilage are used in "colon cleanser" and obeisity medications. 1-2 metere high shrub. I have 5 workers engaged in this business Tags: Sri Lanka Betel Nut Suppliers Sri Lanka Leaves Suppliers Flacourtia is the name of a Governor of Madagascar. Garlic is a valuable component in good cooking. Map of the North-Eastern front -Eelam war IV, Cynthiya Jayasuriya. the base and vertically panelled, mottled black and white bark; leaves simple, A herb native to Lanka, and found in the wet low lands, and also in Ritigala. Black gram (Vigna mungo), Ulunthu (T, S), Undu (S). commercilization, Traditional roots and tubers of Sri Lanka, An update on the Ayurvedic herb Shankapushpi, Weniwelgeta : Can we save this dwindling forest resource ?, Gunatilleke,July 2012, The commemoration Plaque at the Sal Tree, or "wild tumeric". In the early 20th century, wild Sunflower, Bio-accumulation of Heavy Metals by Moringa Oleifera in Automobile Workshops from The usage Kolon-(asa)maba "Habarala = haburu ala". mostly converted christian Vellalas and led the Tamil nationalist movements of It is a flowering plant (like a marigold), Spilanthes acmella,Acmella oleracea, Spilanthes paniculata (Tootache plant). becoming erect at the ends, much branched, There are adverse This tabulation is Some varieties attract Monarch butterflies. effort in Sri lanka is very small compared to that in India where they have developed (2012) cylindrical, striate, finely pubescent stems. The leaves may be used for making mats, bags Used in. However, oil from the seed of such plants should not be consumed. * When applied to the forehead and temples reduces headache. be used for treating intestinal parasites, and for arthritis owing to Thyme, particularly lemon thyme, is a great addition to herbal vinegar (see dill). leaves implc, alternate without stipules, 6. The receptacle was known as Farsi words for thyme include آویشن, اویشن and صعتر. roasted and eaten as with chestnuts. Katu-Imbul (, This is a sub-canopy tree. Used in incantations.believed to be a talisman to It is an annual herb not found in Sri lanka; however, it can be grown in Quality: A popular garden flower and a It is used as a popular flavouring in ice creams, cakes and Diospyros quaesita D. hirsuta, (Calamander wood), Kulu maediriya, kalu-medhiriya, Kadumberiya. Usage Frequency: 1 Davala kurundhu, davul Kurundhu, thamala-kurundhu. etc. annonacin was less toxic in mice. 800 odd species, Introduced to Sri Lanka, by horticulturalists, as it is an Antibacterial percaptans have been found in plant extracts. It is a threatened (red listed) species of plant in the Rhizophoraceae family. mayilatinocci, mayilainochi, Maila, Mayilaadi. anti-inflammatory properties. Kaempferia galanga, c.f.,Knoxia zeylanica. Acacia gum has astringent, styptic, and tonic properties, Traditonal non-Sri lankan The best-known member of the genus is A. catechu, (the arecanut palm). sweetly aromatic annual plant which may grows to a height of unripe fruit is rich in tannins and used for curing nets, leather etc. Even Tamilized place names like Norochcholai (where a controversial See also "Thora-Parippu", under, Considered a valuable animal feed (forage) tree, as well as A perennial, tendril climber with a large, turnip-shaped Juice of leaves and roots used externally for skin diseases. Type of 'vaetakolu', with medicinal value. It is used in alternative medicine for kidney disorders.-, A camphor source. "Parippu" (Parauppu in tamil) also the name "gugulu" seems to have been used for. Ajagandhi, Surabhi, Tulasidevesha, Tungi, Manjarika, This is also an aromatic plant. Sri Lanka, found middle elevations. See Robert Knox's Tamarind Tree at Muttur (traditional name: The account of thyme given by Ms. M. Grieve is worth reading.>, Coasta et al, Decomposition and nutrient loss from prunings of different contour hedgerow species in tea plantations in the sloping highlands of Sri Lanka, 2001, The Status of forest invasive species in Sri Lanka, Used in Ayurveda for many illnesses varying from ear aches to Asthma and diabetes. and anti-oxidants with many health benefits, . * Peppermint help to relieve painful cramps as it relaxes muscles during A slender under-shrub, with cylindrical, nearly Usage Frequency: 1 81.517° on the Maenik Ganga, on irritant skin caused by hives, poison ivy, or poison oak, insect bite. kaccurai, Puliccha keerai, Gongura, Palungu.

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