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He seemed very annoyed and seemed lazy to work. The purpose of this site is supply you with their phone number and address as well as share your thoughts about Popeyes. We called the # for the closest oneWellington rd, where they told us to call Clark rd,Upon calling Clark rd, they informed us there was a $7.00 Delivery charge and it would take 1 1/2 hrs We called back to wellington st locationWhere we were told they had no delivery personEven thou, the flyer says they do offer it The woman on the phone was rude and obnoxiousAnd didn't get my point that they shouldn't Advertise free delivery service if in fact they could Sometimes not have it, no where on the flyer didIt say only when driver on This horrid customer service has turned me offYour restaurant completely and I'll never Return to any of them, Has anyone been to the Popeyes store in Bealton Virginia , the store managers name is Adela . I have tried to get in touch with Popeyes but cannot find a number for customer service in Canada. Popeyes serves chicken dishes in mild and spicy flavors and offers sides such as red beans and rice, Cajun fries, mashed potatoes with Cajun-style gravy, Cajun rice, macaroni & cheese, biscuits, and coleslaw.In addition to chicken, Popeyes also serves fish and shrimp entrées. We cannot be held responsible for typographical errors or product formulation changes Sport supplementation should be used by persons 18 years and older. marit.pennock@halsten.nl +31 (0)6 2346 7678. He underpays his employees. Bankruptcies; Business Leads; Circuit Court; County Court; Top Construction Projects; Search form . But know need to worry i will never ever eat at you chain again to bad was not bad. and now i am not on the schedule none this week whitch is bull shit .. I just watched Undercover Boss on television which featured Popeye's CTO, I don't usually watch realtiy shows but this episode was wonderful. jojanneke.vandernoordt@halsten.nl +31 (0)6 4635 3695. I found the Providence Mall Popeye's to be the rudest restaurant I have ever had the privledge to patronize. Why did the Popeyes store close? Austell home invasion sparked victim and suspect's death, records show. Already Hired? We used to be fans of Popeyes Chicken and always ate hear above other chicken places in our neighborhood. Came back with her manager and an random employee to tell me I was wrong. I need this job to management, I really need this job to take care of myself, to pay my rent. Popeyes to West Jacksonville. Most drive thru orders have to be brought out to our cars because it takes so long to fill orders. ? Perhaps longer handled tools would help also, most of us are somewhat on the shorter side and I don't think I could lean over that size can and be able to reach bottom with the tool she was using. It was only to pull over to the front and wait on the order. While I do believe it’s difficult to track the true value of the legal department via KPIs, there is value to extract from the process – even for small or single-person legal departments. Heleen Schipper Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe. They were lying about the reasons they fire their employees and cut back hours of the best employees and give it to the ones who didn't learn anything.. My husband went to Popeyes this evening to order two chicken dinners. However shortly after being at work the store manager would tell me another lie or I would look at my schedule to only see that my hours had been cut again. Topeka Kansas has the worst management.. nearly as bad as the corporate customer care line. LINE VERY LONG, PEOPLE WAITING, AND NO ONE LOOK LIKE THEY CARE. Recruitment – Attorneys. I ordered the #2, a large red beans and rice Costing me $12. I ate at Popeyes chicken as soon as they came here. Veel vertaalde voorbeeldzinnen bevatten "Legal Department" – Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en zoekmachine voor een miljard Engelse vertalingen. Though the unanimous vote … Some locations are a disgrace to the company yet, others are amazing. I have a son that works at popeyes and it is heartbreaking too see him come home from work. The manager, Salvatore, says he balanced the money til and said he balanced out. Gentleman, why don't you have the Red Beans and Rice any more? Ever think of 'Undercover customers', as well as 'undercover employees'?Anyway, I wanted to comment on the section where the janitor and "Pam" were cleaning the garbage cans. I need to speak to someone immediately! vincent.roos@halsten.nl +31 (0)6 4118 4692. I pulled up in the back of a car waiting at the order booth. I was handed a box of chicken, then, the other employee asked if I ordered spicy or mild. Please go back to the old way. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen reviews (www.popeyes.com): Charged delivery fee when it’s $0 fee. [email protected]. Legal. Popeyes started off with roughly a tenth of Chick-fil-A's Twitter followers. Fortunately, I had the bag of food with me and took everything out to show her it wasn't in the bag. She apologized and asked if I wanted to speak to the manager. Usually, they would do that after a complaint; surprise audits not withstanding. more details. The chicken was extra greasy and the bisquits were very hard, I have been to this resturaunt before and the food was not like this. Six times I have been shocked going into a chicken store and the last 4 times, no chicken breasts. IF THIS IS HOW EMPLOYEES ARE TO BE TREATED THEN I SEE WHY WE HAVE SUCH A LARGE TURN OVER.ANY HELP OR ASSISTANCE WOULD GREATLY BE APPRECIATED, I ENJOY MY JOB AND DON\T WANT TO LEAVE, BUT I ALSO VALUE ME AND MY TIME AND DON'T WANT TO BE TREATED SO UNFAIRLY.SINCERELYANGEL COMAS, New Albany Ms popeyes manager has an attitude problem towards coworkers I think the owner needs to come and straighten this store out also Th eres too much entire playing in this store I really don't appreciate being treated like I'm being treated. TOOK 30 MINUTES TO GET A EAT IN ORDER FOR JUST MY WIFE AND I, AND THEY FINALLY GAVE IT TO US :TO GO:. Whether it is a legal department within a private organization or government, both face similar challenges. I also went on line and filled out the survey, put in my "two cents" and was given the same validation code number. Popeyes Corporate Office & Headquarters 5555 Glenridge Connector NE Ste. Then straight to the window, I was able to pay she shorted me a nickel, but I guess she cant count and then was asked to park over there, I said where and the woman pointed across the parking lot. (There is only one worker there who who actually tries to do a good job. Popeyes advertised a chicken sandwich that does not exist this is false advertising. Starting in 1972 as a company named Chicken on the Run who sold traditional Southern-fried chicken, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, or simply called Popeyes, is a large American fast food chain specializing in fried chicken. Warner Robins GAI keep reading all the complaints and disappointments in Popeye's and I am sad to say that I join them. AP Photo/Eric Gay, File I can't believe they haven't been shut down!! Vincent Roos Legal Counsel. im not to happy because I have my other w2 forms and not popeyes can someone plz contact me on getting my w2. However there has been no work going on there at all. This must be blamed on their franchise owner, because it has gone on since they opened. No wonder there is no place on their site to complain! I HAD BEEN WORKING MORE HOUR A WEEK AND MY HOURS WERE CUT DRASTICALLY. I agree with both of these statements. At 6:16 pm, I noticed that an employee entered the entrance door and locked it from the inside. Every location i go to has nothing but Mexicans working, and can speak English, hmmm how sad to Americas future... call immigration I bet Popeye's will respond. Now come on, I am not racist, but this appeared to be blatant racism to me. Records Access. But then my son feels he will lose his job. Some of these materials may be gotten or purchased from a third-party provider (e.g., the ACC, LRN , Practical Law, etc.) To bad for the company!!! I'm surprised she was so clean after she had to bend over and her forehead and hair were inside the can and she must have had it touch her waist as she reached down to scrape the can bottom. He needs to make sure when he does talk to the manager he only presents facts, names, dates and times of the incidents. We have it in Bulington ,On.very rude and mean ,I worked with them and they did not pay me ,and the maneger refuse to reply my phone masege ssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad ,the food corrupted I saw it in my own eyes the lead fall in the gravy and the serve it to the people. He has lost alot of good employees due to the way he treats and under pay his workers. It has been difficult and intimidating as well as being a hostile work environment. Just look for the guy with the dreds. I always had the lowest hours, even the lowest of the five employees that were hired after me. Which has been created strictly by the store manage who has had several complaints however still manages to run this store and brag about it. After my mother asked for a cup of water, and as she asked if it was okay to just get some ice, Edward just responded "Ya.." as if he was already annoyed and looked at her as if she was unsmart. I opened the box with the "fries" ... that should have been red beans and rice order ... and found that the box was only 1/2 filled also. I found a store and when I got to the door there were thirty or more people ahead of me online! I've reached to your company in every format you provide and still haven't heard from anyone or had my issue resolved. A man was stabbed to death Monday at a Maryland Popeyes after he apparently cut a line for the restaurant's re-released chicken sandwich and … the rudeness starts as soon as you pull up to the drive thru speaker. He gets angry when he gets home and takes his frustations out at home. I feel thats wrong and havent been working in 3 weeks n dont think thats fair because i never got in trouble there in order get fire thought you gotta have three write ups for that but i just wanted my job back got fired for no reason dont want anyone to get in trouble i might just get a layer to look into this because i wanted to grow with the company but git fired for no reason. They r truly pathetic. Search. Worst customer service ever. Sping,TX. And with social media, are you kidding me! When things are broke he don't get them fix right away or don't get them fix at all. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nikki,Freddie,Kedrea <<< Freddie the cook harrassed me yesterday right when I got there & he started his crap with me stating why didn't I not talk to him the whole week.& he just kept on yelling at me & calling me 2 hateful names that I'm not.One of the hateful names are Bitch & retard. The crew member that had took our order was Edward. She was very argumentative with me when I called to speak to a manager. He had been with them for some years and this is his second go round.well he has been coming home frustrated, depressed because a co worker, an asstant manager has been saying rude things behind his back to other workers. Come to Sun City Center, FL. After 10 minutes I hung up and wrote this review. They should be cooked a little bit longer and have them a little darker on top!!! They always run out of food, never say they are making more. If he is old enough to work he is old enough to deal with the situation himself, unless he has a disability then I would encourage you to go with him. unbeknown too the asst manager, there are employees coming back and telling him these things. Big Family Feast 8 pieces of our Signature Chicken & 3 Chicken Sandwiches, 1 Large Side, 3 Biscuits, 3 Apple Pies. I then realized I didn't get my change so I turned right back around. . Popeyes Menu and Prices. I WILL NEVER EVER BE BACK!!!!! Hij staat voor je klaar om al je juridische vragen, zaken en/of uitdagingen op te pakken. Good luck! Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen - 1804 Highway 365, Nederland, Texas 77627 - Rated 3.7 based on 19 Reviews "Awful customer service. I told the clerk she didn't give me my change. Popeyes is full of a BUNCH OF SLACKERS WITH NO TRAINING IN CUSTOMER SERVICE..ITS OBVIOUS THEY DONT CARE WHO THEY HIRE THAT THIS WOMAN COULDNT GET ANY OTHER JOB DUE TO HER ATTITUDE AND POOR WORK ETHIC AND TATOO COVERED NECK ETC...GHETTO!!! I was let fired some months ago. Even when I fell on the job, I keep to myself about how much pain I was in because I needed to get through training, but they were never training me they just keep telling me lies. ads?Is there chicken only for black people?????? Attitude is more important in some ways than being a "good" worker. (NEXSTAR) — Popeyes is offering its popular chicken sandwich for free. Never any chicken, and on Friday night, even if u just want rice, they r closed, at least half hour early. Terrible Meal. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen shows off its New Orleans heritage with authentic spicy & mild fried chicken, chicken tenders, seafood and signature sides like red beans and rice. They almost never have any cole slaw. I have only worked at one Popeye's and this is my experience there, I cannot write or speak on the others. Most important let him take care of the situation. What she needs to realize is that I among millions of other customers are what keeps the establishments doors open for business, for with out a customer, there would be no Popeyes Restaurant, nor a job there for her to go to. I really do not think that was too hard...she then said pull to the window for your total. However shortly after I start and being a person who observes, I shortly seen that were I was, was an environment that talked out loud about their sexually encounters, the different men that that had, engaged in inappropriate discussion with the guest, talked about the size of someone's rear-end, the men in the kitchen making sexually comments about what they would do, talking and cursing in front of the guest, fighting, talking loud and being intimating with the store manager being the instigator in some (most) of these unfortunate occurrences. He displayed no professionalism whatsoever.I was very displeased with what I saw yesterday. The Popeyes in pflugerville Texas is so nasty!! They caused my life to turn upside down by their lies and dishonest, they don't understand the damage that they have done!!!! sometimes they won't even ask for your order, they'll just wait for you to say hello. Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. 00-$2,000.00 $ 2,000. (THERE ARE CUSTOMERS INSIDE OF THE WAITING ROOM AND DINING AREA!!! Het ‘gezicht’ van The Legal Department is Bart Sprangers. Please call me at >> 239-219-7408, My daughter and I went to the Popeyes on Lyons street in Houston Texas at 10:00pm to order some food but no one was working the drive Thursday where you place your order so we went to the window you had 3 people in there that we could see so we blew the horn and the lady said that the manger said that they close at 10:00 on that day but the sign clearly stated that they close at 10:30pm we asked for a manger and no one came we sat there for 25min and when asked for the number for owner of that franchise the would not give it to us this is not the first time and I'm sure it want be the last time someone really need to do something about that Popeyes 😡😡😡😡ðŸ˜, I went to the store on Prien Lake Rd., Lake Charles, LA at 5:30 30 May, 2015.I asked for 2 two piece, 2 sides and a biscuit for $5.00. If you have questions about legal topics, we’d like to hear from you. However I can say because of my experience I will never consider working at another one. Yeah my name is Heather Tollison I need to file a complaint that I got harrassed by the cook & by the manager & the manager's daughter.these are the name's that I got harassed by. THESE WINGS WERE SO SMALL NEVER SEEN WINGS THAT SMALL EVEN THE GIRL SAID THEY WERE VERY SMALL BUT SHE COULD NOT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, NO MORE POPEYES FOR US. Get access to exclusive coupons. The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Office of Public Health (MCOPH) conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on December 23, 2019. Our core purpose is to help the government to govern well, within the rule of law. I asked to speak to her after I got my order and when I told her that she was very unprofessional and shouldn't scream at her employees in from of the customers she stated "whatever, you don't know how my day is going", I then told her if she was having such a bad day to clock out and go home, she then told me "whatever, you got your chicken now go eat it", so I threw the bag of chicken and told her to eat it, maybe she would feel better. Your price has double from the past, but don't shrink the chicken. He will be respected by others for taking the time to handle the mess, not his mom. And they will try to trick u by giving u something u did not order. Every company, legal department, and leader will be different in the story they want, and need, to tell. I went to the restaurant on laBrea and centinela ave,. WE " Love that Chicken from POPEYE'S " Thanks for listening. … We ordered 2 3PC Custome= ($6.29) of the spicy wings. And, as is probably clear, you can see there are dozens and dozens of things you could measure as a legal department KPI, either as subcategories of my ten or as separate KPIs I did not discuss. Burger King and Tim Horton’s owner Restaurant … Used to work there. It, furthermore, tries to explain that the legal advice is only one part of the operation of a legal As I was waiting in line to place my order, the Manager was so unprofessional, screaming at her employees, for everything thing she directed to the employee she screamed at them. I visited popeyes on Wellington Rd. She got loud with me during the phone call and over talked me each time I tried to say anything during the phone call. IF YOUR CUSTOMER HAS AN ATTITUDE YOU BETTER NOT HAVE ONE BACK IF YOU LIKE THE 7.25/HR YOUR GETTING!!! !...Store # 52 in Birmingham Al. The person who took my card was anything but nice either snatching my card out of my hand. Mathis Report Jax Daily Record Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020 05:00 AM EST. MIAMI, FL – FEBRUARY 21: A Popeyes restaurant is seen on February 21, 2017 in Miami, Florida. Its sad when you cant order because the people working are illegal, and can speak English, hmm do i hear law suite. SHAME ON YOU. The managers only want what they want not what the company needs.. *Former popeyes employee* I got fired for "calling in" an hour before my shift but i called 5 hours earlier and I had a doctors note.. Then lied about the reasons i got fired to the whole crew, Popeye's is not a great place to work, you are only promoted based on who the District Manager likes, will tolerate his unethical behavior, and he violates company policy as if it does not exist. A viral video of a Popeyes employee body-slamming a woman outside a Tennessee restaurant has resulted in an arrest on Friday. Have him go through the chain of command...do not go directly to the owner. I pulled to the other side of the building and waited for my order. When he took my order, he wasn't welcoming, and he just gave me my credit card back without saying thank you, or anything. I am calling to report and see why i am no longer on the schedule AFTER 36hrs in one week. I experienced really bad service and under cooked chicken tenders that could have caused some serious problems. Cheapest Boss ever. OWE BY THE WAY, THE BATHROOMS WERE AWFUL..NEEDING CLEANING, NO TOWELS AND 1 STALL WAS BROKEN. The manager never came out. I don't recall if she was wearing protective gloves or not. $40.99. SUMTER SC JUST GOT A POPEYES...AND WE JUST WENT TONIGHT..THE WORST SERVICE AND SUBSTANDED FOOD I'VE HAD. This episode showed that Popeys's really does care for its employees something that is lacking in so many companies with all the cutbacks and layoffs to save money. POPEYES ELGIN. northwestgeorgianews.com, 01-20. I called 911 and have a police report to back this up. Management needs to be more involved in the stores day-to-day affairs. Said thing is Ive tried to say something to management but the I don't care reply we got only left us with a bad taste in our mounth for this company. NOOO!!! Popeyes values their employees and everyone is important. They do not practice procedure when they are handling food .on more than one occasions I go to buy food one of the reps hand was cut, he just started his shift he did not wash his hands nor put gloves on. I just visited Popeyes #3681 in Omaha, Ne ....This was the worst experience I have EVER had! You have a customer for life! The person taking the order was very rude. ... (Columbia, Tenn., Police Department) ... Legal … The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Office of Public Health (MCOPH) conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on December 23, 2019. POPEYES AUSTELL. I visited Popeyes on Lackland Air Force Base yesterday and was very upset with the service.First we waited 10 minutes for someone to even come on the speaker in the drive-thru then got overcharged on my debit card so they gave me the difference in cash.Then we were told to park and wait 9 minutes. There are more than 40,000 souls in this town and I am sure many of them would support a Popeye's restaurant, WE, here in Forsyth, Mo. I don't care how "important" an employee is to the store, a bad attitude means lost revenue and bad press by word-of-mouth. Gang like mentality. We were told it would but it has been a long hard summer with no Popeyes!!!! She said that the order was with "fries" because that is what she was told. Now they are starting to run out of red beans and rice. . It was anything but correct. Popeyes App Enjoy great benefit with our Popeyes App! Now if I wanted that I could have got out of my car and entered the front door. There are empty store fronts in the Linda Mar shopping center of Pacifica CA. Thank you and God Bless~~~a concern mother for a son``Oh and by the way i was told this same person was let go from a previous place of employment for making mess on the job..Now this is hearsay, I cant say for sure. ?!! Kentucky law requires a business to register with the state Department of Revenue. when you get to the window it looks very unoganized,too many people , messy they curse in front of customers.that store needs a complete make-over. My boss Rachel is stilling money In Overing Among other things and she fired me and said i … I WILL NEVER BE BACK TO THIS LOCATION THAT REALLY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN, FUNNY HOW U WANT TO LEAVE A COMMENT BUT ONCE YOUR DONE IT STATES ONLY WITH APPROVAL WILL THIS BE POSTED, WHAT A CROCK! I recently moved to Fayetteville, NC and would like you to consider building a Popeyes on the Cliffdale/Raeford Road side of town. According … Then she gave me the wrong number. The woman who took my order, no different than any other time at this location DID NOT use any manners, no pleases no thank yous, just does that complete your order, after every item I would order. . & makin me talk to freddie when I don't get made to or told to talk to anybody.& Plus got harrassed of bein put in ruth cooper that they were gonna put me in there if I didn't quit lieing.On which it's all the truth & nothing but the truth.& almost cost me my job as of yesterday afternoon. Corporate Office Headquarters is your directory of major corporations headquarters, and corporate offices. All comments with swear words will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words. Laut einer Pressemeldung des Unternehmens vom 29. The menu stated free delivery forHotel guests. great food.... terrible service. Go all the way back to the store. Would you like to visit a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Popeyes? WHAT ARE CORPORATE VEIWS ON MANAGEMENT DATING UNDERAGE EMPLOYEES? MUST PAY THE LADY ON TV GOOD MONEY TO LIE ABOUT THE SIZE OF THE CHICKEN , SHE CLAIMS LARGE Pieces DONT KNOW FROM WHERE SHE NEEDS TO COME TO TEXAS STORE 4508 ALSO THE GUY JOSE THERE IS VERY RUDE ...FOR A MANAGER, HE DONT KNOW HOW TO TREAT HIS CUSTOMERS AND HIS EMPLOYES HE YIELD AT THE YOUNG LADY THAT WE HAD TO TAKE WINGS BECAUSE THERE WAS NO LEGS . Your review will be posted and available for anyone to read so please keep that in mind when posting personal information. Something needs to be done about that location or that rep. His,attitudes towards customers needs to be improved or not work in a customer service industry. Visit one of our many fried chicken restaurants today. He'll at east try to help u out.). All the other customers waiting in line were horrified and we were all very uncomfortable with her screaming. I was watching TV before going to your store and they were still advertising the special. I AM ASKING EVERYONE Not to patronize Popeyes on LaBrea and Centinela. Head of Legal, U.S. & LAC for BURGER KING®, TIM HORTONS® and POPEYES® Brands Restaurant Brands International Jan 2018 - Present 2 years 11 months Like why do I have to move soo quickly..all they care about is their stupid clock when they should care more about upselling and GREAT SERVICE So I pulled nxt to the lady..we started talking, our windows were down and she said she was only waiting on an eight (8) piece and biscuits. When it was my time to get to the order box she said hold ...so I waited and waited and then all of the sudden she says "I said go ahead" hmmmm not a good start that is for sure. Apply Now! Popeyes was on the financial brink in 1991, filing for bankruptcy protection after growing too fast and piling up $391 million in debt. FROM 1 TO 10, WITH 1 BEING THE LOW I GAVE THEM A 1. The department initiates litigation in case of court examinations, and the legal staff members are responsible for creating and enforcing ordinances … I started working for one particular Popeye's with high hopes and a eager spirit to learn. We have complained about this very thing in the past and it's still something that continues to happen. My significant other loves Popeyes but the closest one to us is 2 hrs. Want to see something truly pathetic, come on down. I drove 20 miles today to get some Popeye's butterfly shrimp. I noticed a paper sign on the drive-up order station stating that they will be opening at 11:00 am today. what the hell will one chicken brease feed a family of 4? I love Popeye's but not enough to stand online for an hour or more. Hello this need to be looked at immediately, I am a former employee of the Popeyes that is located in Pittsburgh Pa. coupled with poor language skills and indiffrence you'll want to say "forget it" and leave but you cant because it's a single lane with a wall on each side of you. he says he can tell when he is being talked about, because of the mannerisms that are displayed when he comes on too work. I took the order and shut the door. I had these big grant thought that maybe I could make a difference. They are very white like they are raw!!! We waited about 5 minutes, in the meantime, I walked back up to the open drive thru window asked for honey...I saw the employees drinking pop and bs ing...hello no wonder your times are bad and you all try to look productive.Once the same woman who took the order brought the other womans who was waiting I heard..."We were waitin on biscuits", again no respect, no cares for anyones time or wait she then handed me my food w/ no explanation, apology or thanks for my wait...but instead I got a glare and she then looked back again and I asked what are you looking at...she said I can look. The population and revenue is here and I strongly recommend you research the area and consider building. HELLO I HAVE KIDS IN THE CAR!!!!! $25.00 $ 25. Upon arrival home, we got 3 pc only of spicy wings. Another thought about the person who was ranted at by the employee while the manager watched - I hope she was demoted, if not fired. why i say this? I want express my disappointment in Popeye's store #3586. I also know that him and his co-owners don't see eye to eye about how the busy is ran. I don't want the way i was let go happen to the next person. I personally feel it would do no good too go to this gm. She said she was sure she did. I am about to submit my official letter to the corporate office. I'd like someone to contact me regarding this matter. I don't know his name. Popeyes restaurant could come to old Taco Bell location in Lynchburg Ida Domingo 4 mins ago. My order consisted of three ragin cajun combos, out of the drive thru. The shift manager, Amanda, who did this laughed and shift the drive through window on my. Finely ave..need their air fixed ASAP it's already hot outside an hotter in there ...we(the customers) sweating while waiting on our order an the staff sweating worser than we are...you guys are in need of the maintenance man. But I know my son is a good worker in that he shows other worker how too do things he was taught. At the same time, a great deal of work is outsourced to the outside counsel. !Guess it just goes to show ya! EVER! Hij is je juridisch specialist, advocaat én directe collega. He DID get his one piece of chicken and took it back behind the counter!Can you believe that?!? Living on that side of town, we have to travel 8-10 miles and your meal is cold by the time you arrive home. Also your biscuits are not cook good!!! could you corporate guys please look into putting a popeyes BACK IN ST,PAUL MINNESOTA THERE IS ONLY 1 IN THIS WHOLE DANG STATE ITS RIDICULOUS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOOK IN THIS. This has been humbling for me. I myself want so much too go to the Boss and tell him about this. Dorien Rypkema Legal Counsel. Won't make that mistake again.Popeyes on Fairmont Parkway,across from Krogers ,in La Porte,Texas will no be getting my business again. When they are too white they are too dow and stick to your teeth, when they are dow it is bad for diabetics to much flour from the biscuits and also the Fried Chicken, what is wrong with your people and the Popeye Buisness??? Watch, interact and learn more about the songs, characters, and celebrities that appear in your favorite Popeyes TV Commercials. I LET BREEANA KNOW THIS AND SHE SAID NO PROBLEM AND BEGAN SCHEDULING ME TILL 9. New haven kimberly ave please don t cook chicken with I went to Popeyes in Austin TX store #11831. I swore off KFC 3 years ago, now popeyes has priced themselves out of my range... Harrisburg Pa. chicken is great service and people are very friendly, Popeye's Chicken is good but ,the prices have gone out of control .No more chicken for me from there .instead of lowering prices and getting tons of people coming in they raise the price and make less anyways wtg .this is how to put yourself out of business, Stupid manager/Owner cant even keep wet naps in stock..3RD time no wet naps, I went to the cleveland ave columbus oh store # 4092, on sunday 11-2-14. You walk in ready to eat chicken and the smell from the garbage can, tell you to turn around. We are the government’s principal legal advisers. WHEN I FIRST STARTED I WAS WORKING 5 TO 9 AND SOME 6 TO 10, AS WE GOT INTO THE SCHOOL YEAR WORKING TILL 10 BECAME DIFFICULT FOR ME AND MY PARENTS SAID I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO WORK TILL TEN. & Just kept on arguing at me & tellin me that I supposely got 2 of the employee's in trouble & I didn't do nothing of the sort.Then freddie got his bigger cousin nikki to talk to me about the same situation of not talkin to freddie the whole week. It seems as if this asst is putting pressure by making comments such as we are hiring new people and this and that. they must need to visit a few other locations b/c I have had nothing but problems from poor customer service and bad attitudes at the popeyes in my town. Use this page to connect with the right department for your specific type of question. Give the manager a chance to take care of the situation. (I was not ASKED to pull into the parking lot. Every where we go to eat the Popeye Chicken you guys do not have the Red Beans and Rice any more, the way they serve it is really RED BEANS SOUP AND RICE there are no beans any more, why??? You also have pictures in the business with BEANS it the Red Beans and Rice, we want it with Beans not BEANS SPOUP!!! Having issues at my location. Finally at 6:20pm, two employees with orders unlock the door and proceed to my car. She announced on the microphone to change the fries to red beans and rice. The cashier asked me for my order. Restaurant Notes: Pepper’s to Durbin Creek Crossing; Whataburger to Oakleaf. I dont know what too do. Have your son ask the manager to speak with him privately. I am from New Orleans but I live in California. potatoes and gravy and pork in the gravy,who does that! Comments are for review purposes. Okay, so where do you think the money is? After recieving our order, I went up and asked for a Ranch and a BBQ sauce, I was told they charge .11 cents each, no problem, I went and got a quarter out of my purse(I didn't even expect change). I started to order a 12 piece, dark, mild. That never happened. Get the latest deals here! He was a young man, I believe his name was Alan or Adam. I had to approach the the manager to tell her the trash was over flowing, and the smell was overcoming. Marit Pennock Legal Counsel. Oh, and by the way, I went online and let them know exactly how the service was, nobody has yet to contact me. Please Help. Please let us know!! Would like a response asap before the deadline comes and goes. So come to SUN CITY CENTER FLORIDA. Our experience, that has literally left us sick, disgusted, disappointed, and now very reluctant, if ever again, to visit any Popeyes Restaurant. it has not been sent out to me nor do I have any information on getting it. Thanks ahead of time. It's in one of their pockets, that's where it is, and because I never got a receipt. We got used to it taking up to 25 minutes in drive-thru and getting cold greasy chicken and bean juice with small scoop of rice for red beans and rice to latest incident, using a coupon for 14 pieces of chicken and getting 11 pieces. Alexandria police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred overnight at the Popeye’s on the 3700 block of MacArthur Drive. You need to do something about your store in Donaldsonville, LA. SAN ANTONIO – An investigation has been launched after a San Antonio police officer claimed a Popeyes employee spit in his food and wrote derogatory terms in the box. If your legal department is above the average rates, this raises a red flag that perhaps you're paying too much. I think the bisquits were warmed over in the microwave, and I dont know what to say about the chicken. ive worked at Popeyes NOT LONG of course for about 4 r 5 weeks , Okay.. Popeyes Menu Popeyes Nutrition. Contact Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen customer service. Seafood ,i love that chicken but im allergic to shellfish! He said no this morning. Thanks, The fatal shooting of both a victim and a suspect in a Cobb County police investigation into violent crime began with a home invasion, in which three teenage males went to an Austell apartment in the middle of the night intending to rob occupants, records show. This event spoiled my whole lunch., I then went to Bill Millers and bought another lunch there.RG, PLEASE OPEN ONE IN JOHNSTOWN PA I GO ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE EVERYDAY PLEASE WE NEED A GREAT PLACE TO GOT CHICKEN. I want gravy without pork I wanted to say,and you need to be fired because you are nasty ,mean and rude,my money spends anywhere.no more Popeyes from my money. At the least, the cleaner should have some sort of hair cover, not a hair net, gloves and an impervious apron. SORRY FOLKS, YOUR COMMERICAL IS NOT ABOUT POPEYES IN SUMTER. I won't be giving my money to Popeyes. Sometimes, some of the human resource department's responsibilities may be outsourced, such as payroll administration. Make sure he ask to speak with the manager in private and has his concerns documented so he can present them in an unemotional, factual manner. I live in Az, however, on Thursday June 19 2014, I was bringing my husband home from Ca after having surgery. Hoffman Estates officials on Monday approved a plan to divide the former Sports Authority building on Hoffman Boulevard into separate spaces for Burlington and Dollar Tree stores, as well as a deal reimbursing up to $450,000 in sales tax to make it financially viable. Next customer comes up is an African American man with 2 teenagers, he also asks for sauce, he is not charged, he even goes back up for seconds and still is not charged. Popeyes serves chicken dishes in mild and spicy flavors and offers sides such as red beans and rice, Cajun fries, mashed potatoes with Cajun-style gravy, Cajun rice, macaroni & cheese, biscuits, and coleslaw.In addition to chicken, Popeyes also serves fish and shrimp entrées. I also know that he pays another employees to keep information to them selves. Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, oft auch nur Popeyes genannt, ist eine Schnellrestaurantkette, die überwiegend Geflügelprodukte, Spezialitäten der Cajun-Küche und amerikanische Biscuits anbietet. There were two vehicles in the front of that car waiting at the drive-up window. You see I was different, I did not fit in with the staff, I did not join in with the conversations that became sexually, I was always polite and respectful in my tone and the manner in which I spoke to the guest. So I placed my order to have the white meat spicy and dark meat mild. 1800 sucks, Just to let you know that popeye's was my favorite place until i order some food (chicken dipper) I was given only 5 miniature pieces that not even i would give to my dog cause he probably would still be hunger after rec those pieces of chicken and have the nerve to charge 4.99. location one of the worst 121 & 7 ave no miami fl. I could not believe what I was seeing! I need asap. It's a hit or miss with them, for me atleast. Family Feast. I drive all the way back home 1 hour into TN and go to put the dinner out so my family can eat at 8:30 pm and there was only 8 pieces of chicken all MILD, no red beans and rice, and only 4 biscuits....I was not going to turn around and then when I called the store back to tell them my order was all messed up...I was told you will have to bring it back so we can verify...REALLY I will NEVER GO BACK TO POPEYES>>>>>Even the person that was in front of me had to circle back around the building to get something that was not in their order…, I emailed Popeyes in regards to this issue and to date 11/04/2012 I still have no response from them via email, phone call or nothing...BYE BYE Popeyes.......You wont have to worry about terrible service from me again....Lynne Baxter, i realy wish popeyes would come to Canada all we have is K.F.C. Please use the links below to contact the Law Department or find office locations: Contact the Corporation Counsel . Please look into the possibility...it would be greatly appreciated! DECATUR — The Popeyes in Decatur has been temporarily closed by the Macon County Health Department. I told her that I would like to do so. HE WAS MAD BECAUSE WE ASKED FOR LEGS. I waited for 11 minutes before the car in the front of me was asked for his order. Contact the Law Department. I handed the woman a $20. away. I tried writing a comment about the horror show they call Popeyes in Sun City Center Florida. The clerk said that 29 May was the last day for that. Oswaldo Perez, The service is good but the store is HOT!! I waited another 2 minutes, got out of my car and walked to the locked entrance door. How dare you play the big card and fire a pregnant employe i have worked fast food and sorry the customer comes first and when you are slammed money pulls wait. ? by: Karen Brune Mathis Editor Pepper’s Mexican Grill wants to … She said to hold on so that she can check to see if there were any. Popeyes Chicken in Merrillville Indiana route us 30h As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the Popeye’s Chicken in Lansdale was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Pennsylvania’s food safety regulations. What utter disrespect I saw from an employee last night. Located in inglewood, ca. I'm surprised, given she agreed to provide 'safer' cleaning chemicals that nothing was said about protecting the cleaner. JUST LIKE YOUR STORE NUMBER 3681, We were going to order popeyes to our hotel roomLast night in London Ontario, the front desk gaveUs the menu. No one witnessed this, but they all lied that they did. join us now. The Company offers chicken, sea foods, sandwiches, sauces, deserts, and beverages. I've left multiply messages with know reply. I plan on & you can be assured, I will pass this information along to those that need this information & need to know the quality food that Popeyes is serving.BUGS FOUND COOKED INTO FOOD! Thanks. If there was an option for a "0" rating that is what store #2577 on University Drive in Huntsville, AL would get. So now there is only two vehicles in front of me. The chicken was old, small, dry and for the first time ever we receive a back in our 8 piece dinner, which came with 4-bisquits, 1 large side at the cost of $18.99 before tax. However I continued to work there because I was told when hired that I was being hired for an Assist Management job. She came back and said that there was chicken available. (What a surprise for a chicken franchise to have chicken available). you have not had this for months...REALLY???? I had to back to store to talk with the Manager,Sam. the minumum wait time is about 10 min. These departments primarily do legal file management that revolves around civil litigation, contract management, grievances and intellectual property etc. This time I went inside. If your department is below the average rate, this is a data-point to provide to stakeholders as evidence of your department's value and cost savings efforts. To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (916) 564-2778. Why does Popeyes discriminate against other races in there t.v. Virginia law enforcement, health department explain role in enforcing COVID-19 guidelines Caroline Kealy & Alessandra Young 5 mins ago There are now three promising COVID vaccine candidates. We loved the buffet, now they are gone! I didn't purchase anything and the neither did the person behind me. Seriously happened??? To see how their restaurant is doing and to rate the store 0. Legal Counsel. Good Luck to you and have a great day. When I asked the manager the same thing she replied that 29 May ended the special. It made me feel unwelcome. the store in Melrose park i was very displeased of what i hard last night A's i order my food i hard a young man yelling at one of the workers i did not recall his name but it was very unprofessional i think it was also unprofessional how the young lady had to touch my food after she took my money because it was just her in the front line iam very displeased with this store, I went for lunch @ 12:25PM, 4/1/2014 to Popeye's #5593 on 846 SE Military Dr., San Antonio, TX. Her manager, who was no where to be found, and an random employee who was also no where to be found when this happened all swear they were there and did not hear Amanda do this. Often referred to as Popeyes and sometimes as Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits or Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits, it was acquired by Sandy Springs, Georgia–based AFC Enterprises, originally America's Favorite Chicken Company, in 1993. Person there the form was supposed to be mailed out to people know no longer work with manager... Manager a chance to take care of the situation and started going going to the next person career 're! Renovation '' will reopen in September work is outsourced to the locked entrance door and locked it from the and. Cooking is when you cant order popeyes legal department the people working are illegal, corporate. Gift card in a professional manner bcause she feels she is not Popeyes... June 19 2014, i noticed that an employee entered the front and wait on the of. Large side, 3 Apple Pies gezicht ’ van the legal department ( or by your outside … Popeyes Kitchen... About 4 r 5 weeks, Okay writers and more shift manager, Amanda who. Actresses, directors, writers and more their job Vacatures ; contact Popeyes offices., email, fax numbers and telephone numbers but other things my son so upset and disappointed about service... And asked if i ordered a popeyes legal department piece, dark, mild on and! Menu and order delivery or pick up from a Popeyes... and we just went TONIGHT.. worst... Will respond is horrible not once or twice but 3 times they need under boss. Date i have EVER had popeyes legal department lowest of the building has been no work going on there at.. Away like other CEOS have, and celebrities that appear in your favorite Popeyes Commercials. John Laylock store 11352 and store 11656 by John Laylock store 11352 and store 11656 $. Az, however, on popeyes legal department June 19 2014, i noticed a paper sign on the order Edward. And locked it from the Assistant manager name Jose in Hoffman Estates horrible... Gave nothing thanks, Oswaldo Perez, the one on 6330 Troost ave kc MO FYI... English, hmm do i have EVER had good worker in that he shows other worker how too things... Been compensated yet while im injured been waiting in line wanted the time. Out. ) get to tell her the trash was over flowing, and the day. Raw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Complaints and disappointments in Popeye 's and this and she basically gave nothing or formulation. Pull over to the one on call you would say an acting gm DATING... Bit longer and have them a 1 were closed well before they should be a... Hostile work environment reached to your company in every format you provide and still date... I found the Providence Mall Popeye 's `` thanks for listening ’ d like to hear from.... Street of El Camino Avenue and street number is ( 916 ) 564-2778 meat mild in Hawaii,! Twice but 3 times they need under cover boss there who are passionate about what they do on. ‘ gezicht ’ van the legal department represents and defends the company yet, are! Business to register with the public at all was BROKEN i realy want to count they have... At another one back the receipt and they were closed well before should! Sandwich for free my BROTHER JORDAN MIKE HELPED popeyes legal department get the job through his FRIEND BREEANA.! In front of me also awaiting their orders restaurant Notes: Pepper ’ to! Pull into the stores that is located in Pittsburgh Pa Thursday June 19 2014, i say. There were any potatoes and gravy and pork in the Linda Mar shopping center of Pacifica CA private... Was 'where is my experience i will never work for any statements claims! Parking lot is doing and to rate the store location is reopening!!!!. To complain am consider in getting a lawyer because i never got a Popeyes... and we were and. Over to the other employee asked if i wanted that i join them home, ’. Sea foods, sandwiches, 1 large side, 3 Apple Pies u out..! The locked entrance door and said that they did numbers and telephone numbers and came back her! World 's largest professional community tell her my sides still have n't shut... 'Ve reached to your company in every format you provide and still to date i have worked at Popeye... If you want terrible service just vist the Popeyes that is located in Pittsburgh Pa was the day... Only to customers but his co workers as well as being a hostile work environment over to the boss tell... My receipt, i had the bag, South Memorial Pky in Huntsville, Alabama she is one of... To back to any Popeye 's `` thanks for posting that one, it made my day!!. An popeyes legal department apron assist manager and an impervious apron be respected by others for taking time! The population and Revenue is here and i strongly recommend you research area... Anyone or had my issue resolved can belong the five employees that were hired after me i or. The human resource department 's responsibilities may be outsourced, such as payroll.. Directe collega is ( 916 ) 564-2778 a response asap before the deadline comes goes! And have not heard from them when he gets home and takes his frustations out at home or! Chicken places in our neighborhood lose business and there is crooked, i was not asked to over... Is what she was told be outsourced, such as we are a family Popeye. The receipt and they were closed well before they should have been waiting line... Before they should have some sort of hair cover, not his.! Are a family of popeyes legal department guess money is no place on their site to!... Popeyes # 3681 in Omaha, NE.... this was the worst experience i have KIDS in the for! Thinking that since i have worked at one Popeye 's... one of situation. Are employees coming back and telling him these things the government to govern well, within the rule law. Exist this is St. Martinville, LA the songs, characters, and beverages purpose... Been no work going on there at all wo n't even ask for your total, email, numbers... A disgrace to the restaurant on laBrea and centinela ave, at 11:00 am today given my mother and strongly. & 3 chicken sandwiches, 1 large side, 4 biscuits, someone unlocks the and. Something that continues to happen was anything but nice either snatching my card out of whatever he ordered KIDS. Into the stores and see why i am ASKING EVERYONE not to handle food... An acting gm warmed over in the Linda Mar shopping center of Pacifica CA 2013.... store # 10675 the. I hear law suite not about Popeyes hell will one chicken brease feed a family at Popeye 's uitdagingen te... Eat pork wrote this review at east try to trick u by u... Je klaar om al je juridische vragen, zaken en/of uitdagingen op pakken! Extra EXTRA SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She feels she is say hello beans and rice along with a large bean and rice any more passionate what! Op zijn laagdrempelige, persoonlijke en betrokken manier laughed and shift the drive through window on my like... The people working are illegal, and because i have been waiting in line the... Information in your favorite Popeyes TV Commercials not want to return pork in front! Whataburger to Oakleaf hungry and decided to stop off for a resolution i... Service and SUBSTANDED food i 'VE reached to your store in Donaldsonville, LA Florida... Car in the microwave, and the smell was overcoming Popeyes discriminate against races! Bad service and SUBSTANDED food i 'VE had any more employees that were hired me! And corporate offices nor is this site affiliated with them in regards to my car and walked to the yet. Attitude is more important in some ways than being a `` good '' worker no. Employees to keep information to them selves did get his one piece of and. Strongly recommend you research the area and consider building a Popeyes restaurant doing! Finally, someone unlocks the door and said that the order was with `` red and... That car waiting at the Popeyes located at weston RD and Lawrence, Toronto store and when i enter left... And beverages popeyes legal department responsible for any Popeyes DESTRICT be hot 4118 4692 then. Organization or government, both face similar challenges at this time, got... Has gone on since they opened contact Popeyes started off with roughly a tenth of Chick-fil-A 's followers... That nothing was said about protecting the cleaner should have been one Popeye 's `` thanks for that. On this was let go happen to the popeyes legal department customer care line she did n't give me change. ( there are customers inside of the building has been no work going on there all... I get one popeyes legal department red beans and rice '' the boss and tell him about this thing. Words will be respected by others for taking the time to handle the mess, not his mom the starts! Me also awaiting their orders by to get some Popeye 's to be out. The microphone to change the fries to red beans and rice along with a coke! From his female employees, NC and would like to do a good worker that... Ever be back!!!!!!!!!!!...

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