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Thanks to the soft padding of the ear cups themselves, I find it extremely pleasant to wear the Custom One Pro Plus. Thank you to beyerdynamic for giving us this opportunity. You won’t be able to get a really insightful impression of what went on in the original recording of any piece playing through these headphones but you’ll be able to clearly categorise various sound elements with ease. The Custom there literally means you can customize these headphones in more ways than you’d have thought possible. The CUSTOM One Pro Plus has slightly less high mid-range. The sound overall of these in our subjective opinion gave us very fine detail, and most noticeably a very flat response with little to no embellishments of any of the frequencies. The very large ear cups are signature of Beyer headphones. The Beyerdynamic Custom Studio 80 ohm headphones are like Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohms on steroids! Beyerdynamic’s Accessories Store provides in-depth specs here. The high-quality artificial leather of the ear and headband upholstery, as well as a moderate pressure of the ear cups, all contribute to the gentle but firm fit. 2. In my search for the perfect studio mixing headphones I came across the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STUDIO model and decided to give them a try. Bass is full, well extended, and understandable; powerful. Soundstage is wider than most typical closed backs. The L/R indication displayed on the headphones themselves is very difficult to see by eye unless you’re really looking for it. With a wide selection of additional accessories, the Custom Studio offers maximum flexibility in all aspects. The problem here is black embossing on a black plastic body doesn’t make for the most eye-catching font in the world. We did notice a deeper bass than some ‘studio headphones’ but that was us nitpicking, and actually felt this to be magnified when it came to the actual variable bass sound slider which we’ll talk about shortly. However, you can purchase some after-market cables on the side no problem. Our Verdict. On the one hand, this could mean something as straightforward as monitoring at the mixing desk, while the recording musician performs live in a separate room. Custom Studio. Many a sound professional will tell you it’s frowned upon, if not unofficially forbidden, to mix exclusively from underneath a pair of headphones. Reviews, best-of guides, and comparisons on music and recording equipment, video cameras, gaming gear and more. For a quick overview, the simple view also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the sound characteristics of the test candidate at a glance. See those little screws on the side of the ear cups? Filed Under: Headphones, Reviews Tagged With: beyerdynamic, headphones, review, About Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Contact. Instead, these headphones produce a sound that takes on new aspects alongside its central character. If you’ve responded positively to the two Beyer models mentioned previously, the touch and finish of these Custom Studio cans will tick all the r… The Custom Studio headphones have a metal headband with metal extensions, a leather cushion headband, and soft earcups for utimate durability and comfort in one package. Based on the frequency response, the sound characteristics of a headphone can be well described. The solid stereo imaging is also not too pronounced. But they are about as “studio” as headphones come, with a tank-like build that isn’t even close to the most fashionable. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a604f44ce21ae25730f39e8d314b19ff" );document.getElementById("e008af5a86").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Almost every headphone we test is checked by us: In addition to determining the frequency response, the heart of our measurements, we also evaluate the effects of noise that penetrates from the outside to the inside. Even better, if you’re to one to enjoy customizing the look of your headphones and want to browse around Beyer’s replaceable parts to match your personality, this is the pair to buy. Very vibrant treble, lack of harshness or painful sibilance. €200.68. Beyerdynamic DJ & Studio Headphones ... 0 review. This ‘custom slider’ isn’t just fancy or stuck on to the headphones for no reason — yes, it actually works, and we tested this by listening to some of our favorite bass-heavy songs. is a stunning looking headphone, and with its smaller size I can even see myself using it outside my house or office. Soft, replaceable velour ear pads in combination with Beyerdynamic's best headband available ensure a pleasant comfort of wearing even in long-lasting studio sessions. With a wide range of additonally available accessories the CUSTOM Studio ensures maximum flexibility in … When trying these babies on, we first and foremost noticed the ear cups were huge! 8.1 Customizable sound and style just got combined with tried and true beyerdynamic qualities. The skeleton of the headphones as a whole reminds us of one of their best headphones ever made, the DT 770 Studio. On the other hand, if you’re enjoying some music leisurely and want to up the bass for a deeper experience, simply slide them down and you’re good to go. The Beyerdynamic Custom Studio Headphones have been around for some time now, but they have a durable over-the-ear construction with lots of features that's sure to make any studio … Without touching the slider yet, the lower end is definitely warm here, and the rich sound in our opinion doesn’t necessarily allow us to hear ‘problems’ in our mix like some other open-back or semi-open headphones, but it’s not expected with the closed-back and over-ear design here (if you are mixing or mastering, we recommend their DT 880 PRO). The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (what a name!) Construction here is largely similar, with the wearing comfort also a clear focus for the manufacturer, once again. With these, you’ve the typically pleasant Beyerdynamic sound, with plenty of room for enhancing your new kit to specific requirements. While that may not seem like such a big deal at first, it is. The four sound patterns are specifically tuned for studio applications and meet the high expectations of professional users. They offer a wide array of choices for Custom Studio accessories when it comes to colors, styles and designs. The Custom Series never loses its central sound, even in extreme listening scenarios. CUSTOM Studio is a closed dynamic headphone for studio applications. However, you’ll often hear the results of a musician who has done exactly that, with a distinct quality to something mixed in the moment with gear still on head. Note that there are sliders on each ear cup, so don’t forget to match them up if you need the same sound in both ears (we forgot a few times). We aren’t getting a hard case in the box here so make sure to keep them safe in at least the cloth bag they provide — it’s a nice feeling, soft material that fits the headphones, cable as well as a few other parts you may need to carry along with you. True Wireless in-ears with a convincing performance, Innovative True Wireless earbuds with touch and voice control. However, the overall determining factor with wanting to purchase the Custom Studio instead will lie in the replaceable parts as well as customization you get when it comes to matching your personality with your headphones. While effective, these are indeed slightly more expensive, so if money is a big factor for you we can’t hold you back there. To put it simply, we aren’t just limited to what look the headphones come as in the box. Aside from the cable, this is where the main concentration-point of that word ‘Custom‘ comes in to play — you can also replace the headband cover, ear pads, as well as ear cup covers, which is something we haven’t seen before when it comes to the ‘replaceable’ or ‘customization’ arena of headphones, although very similar to Beyer’s Custom Pro headphones many love. In the last five years, Beyerdynamic has launched two different successors to the classic DT770’s: The DT 1770, and the Custom One Pro.. If you can afford to invest in a long-lasting set of gaming headphones, the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game are well worth it. 5 Stars (0) 4 Stars (0) ... Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Professional Headphones, Black 0.0. A closer at look at what's replaceable of the Custom Studio as well as what you can potentially customize. This feature can be adjusted via a switch found at each earpiece, with levels ranging from slight adjustments to the original sound, through three different bass response ports that span from a more linear approach to something with plenty of power at its core. For genuine audiophiles, this acoustic circuit is an extremely effective way for the listener to make quick and precise judgements on music. Custom Studio combines proven beyerdynamic quality with flexible sound and design. What’s even more nifty is the fact that they offer some separate ear pads for sale on the side with different designs, such as random colors and designs, ‘mosaic lime’, or even a stars and stripes version. Construction here is largely similar, with the wearing comfort also a clear focus for the manufacturer, once again. Especially if you’re actually mixing or mastering professionally as an engineer — stick with an open-back pair of studio headphones. The Custom Studio are more geared towards producers or recorders for better sound isolation and the blockage of sound from leaking out. However, the external noise dampening capability of these headphones is not sufficient enough to tune out louder noises. The Custom One comes with a removable cable with screw-on type headphone adapter. Because of their build and sound quality, these headphones are best suited to people who need either (or both) of these two things: 1. Fit and Comfort. On the other hand it’s no big surprise as this do kind of is the Beyer house sound. The measurement curve represents the audible range as a frequency response shown here as a curve. Typical Beyer fit. Acoustically, the headphones present many possibilities, ranging from enjoying your favourite sounds in style to producing your own compositions with ease in the studio, or at your own home studio setup. ... Read Ultimate Ears UE 5 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors Review. The ear cups are cased in what seems like a high-quality plastic. That’s not completely important to us if we’re in the studio, but if you do intend to travel with these it will just depend on your personal preferences — we know some who say fold or bust, while others could care less. The last feature we’d like to look into, especially when it comes to ‘sound’ and the feel we get when wearing these is using their ‘Custom Studio Sound Sliders’, the four-point sliding mechanism that allows you to adjust the bass response of these headphones. More information about our measurements can be found here: Pressure averaged from big and small head. Following in the successful footsteps of Beyredynamic’s Custom Series, the Custom Game joins the Custom Studio, Custom Street, and Custom One in offering interchangeable decals for greater personalization. The Beyerdynamic Custom Game might be less popular than the classic Beyer models but they deliver on the same level! One of our favorite brands in the headphone world gave us a pair of their new Beyerdynamic Custom Studio to review, and after extended use and testing of these, we were quite satisfied with what they provide to the audiophile and musician. The Good The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio is a well-built monitor headphone which sounds more open and dynamic than its closed-back construction might suggest. The CUSTOM One Pro Plus sounds slightly louder (especially at sources with low output impedance) and is therefore better suited for mobile use. The headphones are a safe investment, because even years after purchase almost all parts can be exchanged. Detail is plentiful and full of energy. With the Custom Studio, Beyerdynamic have delivered a headphone model that adds an interesting new dimension to the market, even if that bass feature might fall out of everyday usage once the novelty wears thin. Required fields are marked *. 0 review… Eventually you’ll get some build up (in particular the lower-end), but that isn’t a problem for us when we’re creating. Beyerdynamic Custom Studio Headphones Review Last Updated: October 3, 2018 By Sean One of our favorite brands in the headphone world gave us a pair of their new Beyerdynamic Custom Studio to review, and after extended use and testing of these, we were quite satisfied with what they provide to the audiophile and musician. However, despite some reassuring similarities to them, it doesn’t quite inch to the heights of the DT models outlined earlier. Bigger isn’t always better necessarily, but the Custom Studio were clearly over-ear and the overall feel and comfort of these was very familiar when it comes to Beyerdynamic headphones — immersive, pain-free, and nearly pillow-like when it comes to the overall fit of on our heads. The CUSTOM Studio has a more precise bass and mid-range than the CUSTOM One Pro Plus. The Custom One Pro desperately wants to be a fun consumer headphone…but it’s totally built on the skeleton of a studio headphone and it’s really obvious. Very little sound leakage. In terms of handling and design, these Custom Studio headphones definitely meet the high benchmark laid out by Beyerdynamic with the DT-770 and DT-990 models. If you’re in need of some professional studio headphones, we’d still gravitate towards one of their DT series models. In terms of handling and design, these Custom Studio headphones definitely meet the high benchmark laid out by Beyerdynamic with the DT-770 and DT-990 models. Disclaimer: The beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO headphones were sent to us in exchange for our honest opinion. If you’re recording as or with a drummer, for example, you’ll want something with much more impressive sound damping specs. For $200 the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro retains enough of its hifi roots to be considered a value for the money. Beyerdynamic Custom Game Review. With the Custom Studio, Beyerdynamic is expanding its professional series of headphones to include an enticing new model that boasts a nifty bass response system – a very intriguing prospect with potential studio use. The Bottom Line. The CUSTOM STREET model however, claim to be an every-day, more portable version in the CUSTOM series that’s geared for music listeners and gamers on the go. Not only do they sound good for gaming, but they can easily be used as a daily desktop headset, affording you two products for one. Product Reviews; Accessories; €123.11. Read more. Add to Cart . Dynamic Closed Headphones with Optional Bass Response Feature. The headband is also able to come off very easily, just snap those three buttons on top and you’re good to go. We may earn an affiliate commission if you buy using links on our website! Music creatorswith a need for a durable, high-quality set of tracking headphones in the recording booth. The build quality is solid and they show good sonic qualities as well.They fall below the average pro closed back headphone price but are really bang for the buck! Music for testing your headphones: Our Spotify playlist. Now let’s get into the most important part of headphones — how is it on the ears? Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO Studio Headphones Review, Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO Open Reference Headphones Review, Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless Headphones Review, Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO Studio Headphones Review, Status Audio CB-1 Closed-Back Studio Headphones Review, Linner NC50 Noise-Cancellation In-Ear Headphones Review, Custom studio ‘sound slider’ on both ear cups, Adjustable variable bass reflex system built-in, Recommended use: leisure, mixing, recording and monitoring, Detachable cable (into right ear cup only), Replacebale ear pads, headband and ear covers. Build Quality/Design: 8/10 The Custom Studios are built very similarly to the DT 770 and the Custom One Pros, which is a plus in my opinion. Once you start to get to the lowest point of the slider you’ll definitely notice a change in the lower-end here. Beyerdynamic also boasts that these headphones have a CUSTOM STUDIO Sound Sliderallowing the listener to switch from a linear to vibrant bass frequency response. Those sliders at the center of the ear cups allow for us to control the bass response. For one, why not? The ear cup casings in particular are of a higher-quality plastic, and the ear pads themselves are a soft velour material — not necessarily velvet or leather, but to us felt very pleasant not only when feeling them with our fingers but wearing them on our ears for a long-period of time without feeling any discomfort or pain. You can replace virtually every part even years after purchase making the CUSTOM Studio a long-term investment. When it comes to the new Custom One Pro Plus from Beyerdynamic, it’s all in the name. High-performance Bluetooth over-ears with multimode hybrid ANC and transparency mode, Affordable, sports-ready True Wireless in-ears with BassUp Technology, True Wireless in-ears especially for active sportspeople, High-end headphones with adaptive Noise Cancelling, Weatherproof True Wireless in-ears with ANC, Lightweight, fast-charging True Wireless in-ears with an attractive price, High quality in-ear-monitor headphones with balanced-armature drivers, Highly affordable True Wireless in-ears with successful tuning, Bass-friendly True Wireless in-ears with Hybrid ANC and Touch Control, Fast-charging True Wireless in-ears with noise reduction and environment mode, Bluetooth in-ear headphones with neckband, otoacoustic hearing measurement and noise-cancelling, Lavishly appointed over-ear headphones with noise cancelling, Bluetooth and LDAC, Low-priced, good sounding True Wireless in-ears with ANC, Your email address will not be published. Not crazy holographic realism but satisfying. You can purchase quite a variety from Beyer separately, or perhaps create your own (maybe paint or draw over a white cover or the existing plate that came with the headphones). Excellent audio performance, with superb high frequency clarity and accuracy. At first glance, the cable here is interchangeable, which is always a plus when it comes to being able to replace it if it breaks or of course customize how long you need the cable to be (yes, it only comes with this one in the box — coiled 3 meters). This closed-back design is also great for those in an office setting or any other type of environment in which you need privacy (or others do around you). Beyerdynamic is best known for its studio-quality headphones, but the Custom Game is all about appeasing gamers. Let’s take a look. The larger-than-normal ear cups, metal connectors from the headband (yes, adjustable), as well as flexible fit all combine for a nice outer shell. The headband however does bend relatively well, and we are able to twist the pair to make them slightly compact (shown in the photo gallery later on), but that is all you get when it comes to body versatility. If this were my review I … Sound is incredibly rich and balanced, and build quality is … This value could also be extended to include audiophiles who land in the more “consumer-friendly” personal audio market. After removing them a few times and putting them back on, we didn’t have a problem with them staying in place when using them afterwards. I'm glad I did, because this is a fantastic set of headphones and I will definitely be keeping this. But is this just a gimmick or is it a truly useful feature? And are they worth the over $200 price tag? So I decided to give the CUSTOM STREET headphones a look to see how they compared to the sound of the CUSTOM ST… The beyerdynamic CUSTOM One Pro Plus is a set of closed-back over-ear headphones combining exceptional sound with many customisable features to achieve an interactive music experience. It’s particularly handy for use in the club, where having two hands working independently is an essential attribute. If you’ve responded positively to the two Beyer models mentioned previously, the touch and finish of these Custom Studio cans will tick all the right boxes for you. Technically speaking, you’re adjusting the porting of the back side of the driver’s enclosure, and it’s in our opinion very effective. These headphones definitely give competing models in this price-point a run for their money, especially when it comes to overall build. After an hour plus listening session against the HiFiMAN HE-400i, I still preferred the Custom Studio. Your email address will not be published. If you’re recording or producing and need a flat response to get an accurate portrayal of your tracks, just keep the slider high. A practical feature here is the inclusion of a spiral cable, which clearly identifies the correct left side of the headphones after connection, saving you the hassle of putting them on the wrong way round for a disappointing debut to a new playlist. With a very familiar sound and build that we’re all accustomed to nowadays when it comes to Beyerdynamic headphones, the Custom Studio also have a bit of a twist to them as we’ll spell out below. Beyerdynamic Custom Game headset review: “A well-built headset with superb sound capabilities” A well-built, if ugly, gaming headset with superb sound … Ratings Distribution. Imaging is Beyerdynamic house-sound with great separation and well defined detail. I’ve always liked the build of Beyerdynamic products, and they have a good warranty on all their stuff. At the same time, if you’re a producer or recording artist or perhaps one to need a higher-end pair of headphones for leisure listening, these could be a very great choice for you especially with the effective bass response adjustment we have at our finger tips. When it comes to being able to adjust certain features of headphones, we’re always fans since it allows versatility to pertain to each individual’s subjective listening preferences and use. What’s more, that handy bass response system is sure to present you with a host of new possibilities when it comes to sound testing. Even though I just grabbed a pair of K553s and fell in love, I decided to test these Custom Studios based on their very positive reviews. Do we think these are replacing the DT 770 PRO, Custom Pro or really any other Beyerdynamic headphones that are heavy-hitters in the studio headphone world? Lastly, the ear cups in particular are sturdy but just take some adjusting to remove as well. Ultimately, the overall sound of these Custom Studio are great when it comes to being rich in detail and having a warmer bottom end, especially if you use the sound slider which we’ll touch upon next. While it's fairly pricey at $289, the German-made Beyerdynamic T 51 p is one of the best on-ear headphones available, offering excellent sound and a comfortable fit. The reasons f… Something you can trust clients or bandmates not to kill accidentally. The headphone sounds fairly balanced but there is the Beyer thing with the mids. The beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO closed-back headphone inherits the legacy of the DT770 but with more detail and a very specific tuning for studios. We love this feature for a few reasons. Think about it this way, not only does it afford you the chance to stand out in a world of generic, run-of-the-mill products, you get the chance to modify the really important thing… The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio and Pro are studio-ready headphones with an approachable price tag. The earpieces enclose around the ears themselves, while a recessed headband allows for incremental adjustments for a great fit. Overall, the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio are a great pair of headphones for those recording or producing in a home studio, as well as those who want some accurate sound quality that dominate after-market headphones that claim to be ‘studio headphones‘. Casual listeners at the computerwho need a super-comfortable set of closed-back headphones, or users with glasses. Shares. It’s no secret that I love Beyerdynamic’s DT 770 Pro headphones. As stated previously, you can even make your own. Keeping the slider at the very top ensures a flatter, clearer and evenly distributed response, and the more you slide them downwards, the more bass embellishment you’ll begin to notice. Beyerdynamic Custom Game review Serious comfort and sound quality to match the serious price By Andrew Hayward 16 May 2018. Overall, the Comfort Studio is comfortable to wear, even for longer listening sessions. With Custom Studio, however, you’ve a pair of headphones that will help you do away with unnecessary additional pairs. The Custom Studio headphones have a clear, power sound similar to high quality home theater speakers. In a typical listening context, the audio impressions from speakers in the immediate vicinity or mid-ground are usually differentiated via different headphones, ranking between more neutral playback and audio with a proper boom to it. I recently put the Beyerdynamic CUSTOM STUDIO over-ear / closed-back headphones to the test and was pleased with the overall design and sound. You can use the small tool they provide in the box to actually remove the cover and put your own custom plate. CUSTOM Style Furthermore you can choose from different optional rings, additional design covers, ear- and headband pads in our accessories section. The Wire Realm is supported by our readers. Comfortable, secure fit. Again, a very unique feature here as not a lot of headphones sport this “custom” capability (as you can see that ‘Custom Studio’ name implies numerous ways you can tweak the sound of these headphones, not just the look). Big roomy cups, nice padded headband with lots of metal and no cheap plastic. Relatively lightweight, with larger-than-normal ear cups and a foam headband that is connected with metal. Not so fast. It is priced at . As far as other versatility to the headphone build, they do not collapse, the ear cups do not swivel and the overall unit does not fold. Pair up the ability to replace quite a few parts of these headphones with some signature Beyer sound, and this may be the perfect pair for you. Where the Custom Studio does come first, at least in unveiling the feature, is by boasting mechanical bass response functionality. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio headphones are a classic that are still relevant thanks to excellent audio performance, a stable fit, and a reasonable price for what you get. As you’d expect from a name like Beyerdynamic, these headphones are tailored toward sound studio applications and professional conditions. The studio-friendly Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro headphones deliver accurate, crisp audio for a refreshingly affordable price.

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